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Hallie is the Community Manager for and Content Manager for the Card Kingdom Blog. She has been playing Magic since 2012 and still misses casting Sphinx’s Revelation. Hallie is a dedicated Limited player who loves Cube and Team Sealed, but she’s been known to dabble in Standard and Modern. Prior to joining Card Kingdom’s Marketing team, Hallie was a co-host of The Girlfriend Bracket podcast and participated in Wizards of the Coast’s Community Super League. She also works as a freelance writer for Wizards’ event coverage team and actively volunteers with The Lady Planeswalkers Society. Find her on Twitter @halcansan.

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Adam is a Fulfillment Specialist at Card Kingdom. He’s been playing Magic since 1994 and is always looking for new ways to enjoy his favorite game. Adam is an amateur game designer and has been creating original Magic card and mechanic designs since 2012. He loves Commander and fan-created formats, and his favorite card is Reaper King.

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Simon is a Retail Sales Specialist at Mox Boarding House Seattle. He started playing Magic during Odyssey block, finding success on the Junior Super Series circuit and eventually playing at the 2004 US Nationals. After a multi-year break from the game, he was brought back with the reprinting of his favorite card, Lightning Bolt, in the 2010 Core Set. Simon is a loyal Red Deck Wins player, and is always doing his best to win with Mountains in every Constructed format. He has a deep affection for the Magic storyline, and will happily discuss the peculiarities of the Kamigawa block with you upon request.

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Chris is an Event Coordinator at Mox Boarding House Seattle, and a Level 2 Judge. He’s been playing Magic on and off since 1995, and very much regrets not holding on to more of his cards from back then. He’s been playing more seriously since New Phyrexia, and his favorite formats are Legacy and Cube. Chris has been told he plays mean decks, but that’s because he subscribes to the school of thought that Magic is a zero-sum fun game, and he want to have the highest percentage of the fun available in any given match.

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Frank has been playing Magic since Antiquities. Six years ago, his love of the game led him to join Magic’s judge program, and you can often find him judging events within the northwest and across the country. At Card Kingdom, Frank works in the Overstock department, where he is responsible for maintaining our inventory and creating some of our exclusive products, including Battle Decks and Rookie Decks. His favorite format is Commander, and he has a special place in his heart for his first deck: Marrow-Gnawer, featuring Relentless Rats. When he isn’t playing Magic, Frank enjoys performing magic (the card-trick kind), juggling, and writing.

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For most of his Magic-playing life (i.e. the last eight years), Aaron has been playing and writing about Commander. One of the few mono-colored players in a gold-bordered world, Aaron enjoys the challenges of creating meaningful, memorable games, as well as the excitement that comes with engaging underrated cards as he explores the format’s uncharted territory. Aaron has over 200 deck design credits to his name, and as a member of Card Kingdom’s Fulfillment department, he’s always eager to see what decks our customers are putting together.

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