Card Kingdom Affiliates: The Command Zone

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One of the highlights of my year as a Magic player was The Command Zone‘s Commander Gathering at Grand Prix Las Vegas. Over 500 players came together to hang out and play, and I was struck by the ease with which Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai brought them all together. Their passion for the Commander community – and the Magic community at large – is just one of the many reasons why we’re proud to call The Command Zone a Card Kingdom Affiliate.

The Command Zone launched in 2014 and has quickly become a go-to resource for new and experienced Commander players alike. In their nearly 200 weekly episodes, hosts Jimmy and Josh have covered everything from deck-building basics to balancing power level and navigating in-game politics. (Their “Deck Building Template” is also required watching for anyone looking to build a Commander deck for the first time or level up their deck-building skills.) They’ve also welcomed other Magic personalities into the fold, extending guest invitations to some of the community’s Commander luminaries.

Josh and Jimmy have also been gathering Magic community members around their own table on Game Knights, their monthly gameplay series, for just over a year. Game Knights features some of the highest-quality production we’ve seen in Magic content, but most importantly, it’s been a venue for showcasing some of Magic‘s top talent. We get to hear from Meghan and Maria every week on Magic the Amateuring, but it isn’t every day that we get to see them throw down in an epic Two-Headed Giant match. Game Knights has shown us another side of The Professor, Wedge, Melissa DeTora, and other pillars of the Magic community, and it’s been a pleasure to see Jimmy and Josh’s Commander family grow as they continue to lift up their fellow content creators.

If you’re looking to dive into the Command Zone, you can find all their video content on their YouTube channel. If you’d like to support them directly, check out their Patreon and use the “commandzone” code the next time you order from Card Kingdom.


Header image: Justin Treadway
“The Command Zone” logo used with permission.