Card Kingdom Rumble Bundle

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You may have heard some rumblings about a new product we had in the works… and today, it’s finally here!

Introducing the Rumble Bundle, our first-ever multiplayer product!

The Rumble Bundle contains four 60-card decks, all packaged together in a blue Card Kingdom box. While their power level is comparable to that of our Battle Decks, we’ve used cards from Commander and Conspiracy sets to give these decks extra utility in multiplayer games.

To mark the occasion, we’re hosting a special livestream tonight on our Twitch channel, so you can see the decks in action! Here’s a rundown of our full cast and what they’ll be playing.

Hallie Santo will beĀ our stream host for the evening. She currently serves as Community Manager for, and she’ll be moving into a new role as our Content Manager this month. She’ll be playing Steal Their Souls, a blue-black mill deck that can resurrect any of her opponents’ creatures.

Joining her are two new members of our marketing team – incoming Social Media Manager Jordan Hopkins and Community Relations Manager Kevin Harland. Jordan will be playing Break Their Bodies, a red-green ramp deck full of robust creatures and burn spells, while Kevin will use the Bant deck Guide Their Hands to persuade his opponents to attack each other.

Finally, Rumble Bundle designer Brian Stewart will be rounding out the quartet and providing some insight into the process of building the Bundle. He’ll be playing Wrack their Brains, a black-red deck that seeks to control the game with a combination of sweepers and discard spells.

Tune into the stream at 7 PM PDT, and pick up your very own Rumble Bundle here!


Header image: Justin Treadway