Card Kingdom Sparring Decks: Round 2!

Card Kingdom Brawl

With Standard rotation behind us, Sparring Decks are back for another round!

Sparring Decks are Card Kingdom’s own budget Brawl decks – and as new cards have entered the format, new challengers have entered the ring! To celebrate, a few of our competitors in the Dominaria Wrestling League cut some promos.

Aryel, Paladin of Panthers

Adeliz, Empress of Embers, vs. Raff, The Shimmering Scholar

Slimefoot, Master of Mold

Thanks to our friends at LoadingReadyRun for lending their voice acting talents, and to Mythic Tales for helping us bring our Brawlers to life!

Sparring Decks are available now for just $14.99, so pick one up and pin your opponents in a three-count!