New Products: Holiday 2017

Card Kingdom Products

The holidays are almost here, and that means we have plenty of new products in store! Here’s a sampling of the Magic products and accessories you can only find at Card Kingdom.

Card Kingdom Token Set: Red Box Edition

This week, we’re proud to introduce our newest line of original Card Kingdom tokens! Our new 52-card Token Set features thirteen of Magic‘s most iconic creatures, all with new art by Justin Treadway. Whether you’re building a casual cat deck or churning out monk tokens in eternal formats, our new Token Pack is sure to have what you’re looking for.


November Battle Decks

We also rolled out a new batch of Battle Decks last Friday, so get ready to battle! Call on powerful creatures with Nature of the Beast, upend your opponent’s game plan with Uproar, or burn everything to the ground with Blaze Brigade.


Battle Deck Playmats

Can’t get enough of Battle Decks? Show your love for our most popular in-house product with our new Battle Deck playmat!┬áThis durable mat features our classic Battle Deck logo, plus art from 72 unique decks.


Rookie Playmats

While you’re browsing our playmats, be sure to check out our new Rookie Mat! With a handy turn order guide and demarcated zones, this mat is the perfect gift for a new Magic player.


Command Center Mat

And of course, if Commander’s your jam, we have a special surprise for you, too. Our new Command Center mini-mat makes Commander games less complicated. Perfect for four-player Commander games, the Command Center can be placed in the middle of your table to house your Commanders and help you keep track of damage and costs.

If you’re looking for a gift for your Magic-playing friends this holiday season, you can find all these products and more in our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide. Happy gaming!


Header image: Justin Treadway