Our Favorite Invocations

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Hour of Devastation previews are in full swing, and earlier this week, we got to see all the shiny new Masterpiece Invocations for the set. Every morning of preview season, our office is abuzz with talk about the newest cards. Here’s what a few members of our staff had to say about the Hour of Devastation Invocations.

Ian, Overstock Supervisor & Card Viking
“I’m very into the Blood Moon. I love the Egyptian apocalypse imagery, with the water turning red. Also, Blood Moon – classic card!”

Frank, Overstock Specialist
“I really like the Lord of Extinction – it’s a great Commander card. Plus, the art is great – it’s completely annihilating everything in its path, which is very fitting for a set that’s all about the destruction.”

Jordan, Fulfillment Specialist
“I like Omniscience. I love the concept of just dumping your hand on the field and saying, ‘Any response?'”

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