War of the Spark Alternate-Art Planeswalkers: FAQ

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Wizards of the Coast recently announced a set of 36 alternate-art Planeswalker cards that will be available in Japanese booster packs of War of the Spark. According to Wizards, these alternate-art cards will be found in 50% of Japanese booster packs, and those packs will be available from retailers around the world.

The community response to these cards has been astronomical, and we’ve received a slew of questions from customers about how and when they can purchase them from Card Kingdom. Consequently, we’ve compiled this FAQ, which we hope will answer any questions you have about the product. There are still a lot of things we don’t know about this product yet, but we’ll continue to update this post when we have the answers.

Update, 5/3/19: Japanese booster boxes of War of the Spark are sold out on CardKingdom.com. Alternate-art Planeswalker singles will be available soon!

What is this product?

These 36 cards are alternate-art versions of Planeswalkers found in War of the Spark. The cards will only be printed in Japanese and will be sold in Japanese booster packs. Head to Wizards’ website for more information and images of all the cards.

Will Card Kingdom be selling Japanese War of the Spark product?

Yes! We will be selling Japanese booster boxes of War of the Spark, but quantities will be extremely limited.

How many booster boxes will you have available for sale?

Very few. We’re currently reaching out to suppliers to secure as much product as we can for our customers, but we expect to receive very limited quantities.

Will Card Kingdom be selling the alternate-art Planeswalkers as singles?

Yes! Due to the popularity of these alternate-art cards, we will both buy and sell them as singles.

How about the Japanese-language cards with standard art? Will you be buying and selling those singles as well?

No, we will not be buying or selling the standard-art versions of these Japanese-language cards. We also will not be buying or selling any other Japanese-language singles from War of the Spark.

To clarify:

  • YES: Japanese-language, alternate-art Planeswalkers
  • NO: Japanese-language, standard-art Planeswalkers
  • NO: Japanese-language singles other than Planeswalkers

When will this product be available for purchase?

Booster boxes go on sale Friday, May 3, 2019 at 10:00 AM PT. You can view the item listing here.

We’ll begin buying the Japanese alternate-art Planeswalkers as singles on May 3 as well and will have them available for purchase shortly thereafter.

What will the price be?

We’ll be selling booster boxes for $199.99 each. Singles prices TBD.

How many boxes can I purchase?

We’re limiting booster box sales to 1 box per customer. Since we’ll have such limited quantities of this product, we want to ensure that the most customers have a chance to purchase it.

Will you ship this product internationally?

Like all our Magic: The Gathering sealed product, Japanese booster boxes cannot be shipped internationally, per Wizards of the Coast retailer policies. However, we can ship Japanese alt-art Planeswalker singles all over the world.

Stay tuned for more updates about this product, and please reach out to support@cardkingdom.com with any additional questions!