A Letter to Our Community

Card KingdomCommunity

We have remained silent on Black Lives Matter until now because historically we do not comment on issues, and we don’t want to participate in performative  allyship.  Rather, we’ve tried to participate in fundraising and creating a welcoming environment in our spaces. However,  we now acknowledge that this is an instance where we need to voice our opinion and respond  to our community, which has rightfully asked why we’re being silent and want to know that we’re with them.  So we’re breaking our 20-year tradition and want to let you know where we stand.  

The  video circulating  the news and social media of George Floyd being murdered by police, while he begged for air, amplifies  the injustice and police brutality that the black community faces in  America –  racist  injustices  that the community has been asking  their fellow Americans  to acknowledge and address  for years, and  now simply cannot be ignored.  

At Card Kingdom and  Mox  Boarding House, our mission states that we use tabletop gaming as a campfire – a place to gather, share and celebrate – for the sake of cultivating deeper relationships with our customers, amongst ourselves, with our communities, and the world. We cannot cultivate deeper relations while ignoring the outcry of pain from our communities, our customers, or among our team.  

That is why we have donated  and are matching employee donations to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, an organization that fights for racial justice. Additionally, we are looking inward and addressing our own culture biases to ensure that we are creating an environment of diversity and inclusion. This will require work and help from outside resources, but we are committed to being better and doing better. 

We’d like to thank those in the community who called on us to end our silence and pushed us to be better. We hear you and stand with you, and we are working to be better. And just to be clear, Black Lives Matter.