Pioneer Challenger Decks Upgrades

Michael Rapp Pioneer

With Pioneer RCQ season coming up in a couple of months, players unfamiliar with the format may be looking to get their feet wet beforehand. In order to practice and play, you’ll need a deck, but buying into a deck before you know if you like it could be a pricey endeavor.  Luckily, the two rounds of Pioneer challenger decks …

Faerie Mastermind and the Pantheon of Invitational Cards

Faerie Mastermind and the Pantheon of Invitational Cards

Chris Cornejo Legacy, Modern, Pioneer, Standard

With the recent sneak peek at March of the Machine, one particular card stood out a bit to me. All right, a lot of cards stood out for a lot of reasons, but Faerie Mastermind caught my eye because it’s an Invitational card.  Invitational cards have been a part of the game since near the dawn of Organized Play, and …

Venerated Rotpriest: A history of bonkers one drops

Venerated Rotpriest: A History of Bonkers One-Drops

Chris Cornejo Modern, Pioneer, Standard

There are a lot of powerful cards in Phyrexia: All Will Be One, but we’re going to focus on this guy — Venerated Rotpriest:  This little druid has been making waves as some figured out it may be the linchpin for making several varieties of Toxic decks across multiple formats work. I fully plan on experimenting around several Proliferate builds …

Pioneer Tier List December 2022

Pioneer Tier List: December 2022

Mason Clark Pioneer, Strategy

Despite a Standard focused San Diego Regional Championship on the horizon, we’re back to Pioneer Regional Championship Qualifier season again! With eyes turning back to this format, we made a tier list of all the top decks to see where things have shaken out post Dreamhack Atlanta. That way, when the season starts on Jan. 7, you’re ready to lock …