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3 Underrated Modern Decks

Mason Clark Modern

Modern is in a place of constant innovation right now. The release of Modern Horizons 2 has shaken the format up so much and every week we are seeing people try new and exciting things. Today, we’ll go over three decks that have been flying under the radar, but that have a ton of potential in the format. Naya Yorion …

Top 10 Cards in MH2

The Top 10 Modern Cards in Modern Horizons 2

Michael Rapp Modern

Spoiler season is one of the most exciting parts of new sets, and Modern Horizons sets are my personal favorite. Modern Horizons had a profound impact on Modern, and Modern Horizons 2 seeks to repeat that success. Curating this list down to just 10 cards proved to be difficult, which is a great sign for the strength of Modern Horizons …

Modern Deck Guide Temur Cascade

Modern Deck Guide: Temur Cascade

Mason Clark Modern

Modern Horizons 2 has already taken Modern by storm on Magic Online, shaking up the metagame and adding a lot more power to the format. After the first weekend of results, one card has risen above the rest — well, one combination of cards: Shardless Agent and Crashing Footfalls. Today, we’ll look at a Temur Cascade deck that placed 2nd …

The New Modern Staples in Modern Horizons 2

The New Modern Staples in Modern Horizons 2

Scott Cullen Modern

Modern will never be the same again. Just like its predecessor, Modern Horizons 2 is poised to leave a massive mark on Modern; many of the cards will see some level of play in the format, and even more will become Commander staples from day one. In my eyes, this is one of the most successful sets in the past …

Hardened Scales is Back with Modern Horizons 2

Ally Warfield Modern

Modern Horizons 2 is just around the corner, and everyone is excited to see all of the powerful new cards being introduced to Modern — one of Magic’s most beloved formats. While I’ve seen a lot of hype around the flashy new cards like Grief, Void Mirror, and Unmarked Grave, there hasn’t been much talk about the handful of cards …

Why You Should Play Profane Tutor in Modern

Mason Clark Modern

Demonic Tutor is one of the most iconic and powerful cards in all of Magic, a staple in every format where it’s legal. With the release of Modern Horizons 2, this powerhouse tutor gets a new spiritual successor: Profane Tutor.  Profane Tutor is effectively a Demonic Tutor with suspend, and it’s being criminally underrated in Modern. This is partly because …

MH2 Promises a “Fair Deck Summer” for Modern

Tom Anderson Modern

Spoiler season for Modern Horizons 2 is like none other in Magic history — save perhaps for the original Modern Horizons. Since every card is explicitly designed for the Modern format, even the commons often require close examination for their potential metagame impact – if not in Modern itself or Legacy, then in Commander or Pauper. No other sets in …