The five best aggro decks in Modern

The Five Best Aggro Decks in Modern

Michael Rapp Modern

Aggression has always been a common play style in Modern, but it has outgrown hyper-linear decks that “try to kill your opponent as fast as possible without interacting” — decks like Burn. That’s why you won’t see the famous archetype on this list of the best Aggro decks in Modern despite the fact that it’s still around and seeing play. …

Lord of the Rings Early Impressions

Mason Clark Modern

It’s finally here! Our first look at the new Universes Beyond Lord of the Rings set! Players have been waiting with bated breath; Is this the new Modern Horizons 3? Will it have any good cards? How will this straight-to-Modern set change things? Well today we are going to take a look on the wild side and see what are …

Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines, in Modern

Elesh Norn Has Changed Modern

Mason Clark Modern

Four-color is back! Since the banning of Yorion back in the fall, players have tried to make four-color work. On a few occasions it has succeeded, however, ultimately the deck quickly fell off the competitive radar as decks like Breach, Hammer and Murktide dominated the metagame.  However with the release of All Will Be One, a new card was added …

Faerie Mastermind and the Pantheon of Invitational Cards

Faerie Mastermind and the Pantheon of Invitational Cards

Chris Cornejo Legacy, Modern, Pioneer, Standard

With the recent sneak peek at March of the Machine, one particular card stood out a bit to me. All right, a lot of cards stood out for a lot of reasons, but Faerie Mastermind caught my eye because it’s an Invitational card.  Invitational cards have been a part of the game since near the dawn of Organized Play, and …

The 10 Cards You Should Be Playing in Modern

Michael Rapp Modern

Currently, Modern is about the most powerful it has ever been. The average card quality in decks is significantly higher than it has been in the past. Along with that, the best cards in the format are even more noticeable. Naturally the best decks almost always play at least a couple of the best cards in the format, unless they’re …

Venerated Rotpriest: A history of bonkers one drops

Venerated Rotpriest: A History of Bonkers One-Drops

Chris Cornejo Modern, Pioneer, Standard

There are a lot of powerful cards in Phyrexia: All Will Be One, but we’re going to focus on this guy — Venerated Rotpriest:  This little druid has been making waves as some figured out it may be the linchpin for making several varieties of Toxic decks across multiple formats work. I fully plan on experimenting around several Proliferate builds …