Arena Championship Issues: Assessing the Value of Alchemy

Mason ClarkAlchemy, Events, Standard

This past weekend Wizards of the Coast held a huge tournament: the first Arena Championship. It featured some of the best players in the world — with names like Shōta Yasooka and Sam Rolph — who battled it out for $200,000 dollars in prizes. When looking at the event from the outside, it had everything needed to be a spectacle …

MTGA decks

Off the beaten path: 10 decks to mix up MTGA

David GarciaAlchemy, Historic, Standard, Strategy

Sometimes playing Magic: The Gathering can feel like facing the same decks repeatedly when formats grow stale. This, however, is an inevitable part of the game. There will always be some best deck that performs better than the competition. Pros and other players familiar with each format call these the “tier 1 decks.” These decks then inevitably become more popular …

The Best Alchemy Decks for Laddering on Arena

The Best Alchemy Decks for Laddering on Arena

Mason ClarkAlchemy

Alchemy has been out for a week now, and it’s been a wild ride. It’s always fun exploring a new format, and Alchemy is no different. So many creative and unique decks have already popped up in the format, but someone has to be the fun police, and it might as well be you. Today, I’ll be sharing three Alchemy …

Alchemy Decklists

3 Alchemy Decklists for MTG Arena

Mason ClarkAlchemy

Alchemy has been the talk of the Magic community for the past week, and it’s available to play on MTG Arena today. While opinions on the format have been mixed so far, I think it’s going to be a super fun way to play Magic. If you want to learn more about the format, check out our explainer article! But …