The best magic content of 2022

The Best Magic Content of 2022

Chris CornejoCommander, Cube, Limited, Magic Story, Standard, Video

As we near the end of year, it’s a good opportunity to take stock and celebrate the achievements of those around you. In that spirit, we’re going to look at some of the best work made by our friends and some other Magic content creators we think are pretty nifty. We’ll be honest, though — the Magic community is fortunate …

Shuffle Up & Play: An Interview with the Professor

Tom AndersonCommunity, Video

There’s never a slow day at Tolarian Community College! Magic’s most-watched content creator launched his new YouTube series “Shuffle Up & Play” today, featuring a rotating cast of Magic personalities – and a rotating cast of formats to play. The first episode guest-stars TappyToeClaws and Georg Wang sitting down with a gauntlet of Pioneer decks. In a lightning half-hour of gameplay …

Rookie’s Guide to MTG Slang

Card KingdomVideo

Like most hobbies, Magic: The Gathering has developed a lexicon all its own. Go into any game store and you’ll hear players talk about “top-decking” the perfect card, casting “cantrips,” and “splashing” in their draft decks. If you’re new to the game, it can be hard to understand what experienced players are even talking about! We’ve all been there — …

Krenko’s Way: D&D on Ravnica

Card KingdomLivestreams, Video

We’re all about Magic: The Gathering here at Card Kingdom, but many members of our staff love other games as well. On November 29th, we hosted a Dungeons & Dragons one-shot stream set on the plane of Ravnica, using an adventure from the new Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica. In this session, four members of the Card Kingdom team band together …

Card Kingdom – Always Innovating | MTG Guilds of Ravnica Sketch

Card KingdomVideo

With Guilds of Ravnica release day looming, we brought in a consultant from the Izzet League to help boost our productivity! He built us a Machine that promised to maximize our velocity, but will it unleash a Thousand-Year Storm in our fulfillment center? Find out in our latest sketch! Preorder Guilds of Ravnica here!

Core Set 2019 Prerelease Vlog

Card KingdomVideo

Core Set 2019 is finally here, and players everywhere are excited for the new planeswalkers, the powerful elder dragons, and reprints of beloved cards! We sent our friend Sam Tang to our local game store, Mox Boarding House, to see what the community thinks of the new set.

The Magic Man Sam Visits Card Kingdom

Card KingdomCommunity, Video

Back in April, our friend The Magic Man Sam pitched an interesting idea to us: He wanted to come to Seattle to compete in the Rock ‘N Roll Half-Marathon and raise $1,000 for St. Jude, all while sporting a custom Card Kingdom singlet. We loved the idea, especially when he threw in a chance to preview his newest video on …

CK Picks: Episode 1

Card KingdomVideo

We’re always on the look-out for new, unique gaming supplies to share with our customers. In our new video series, CK Picks, Chris VanMeter shares some of his new favorite Magic: The Gathering accessories, including some of our very own playmats. Featured in this video: Die Hard Dice Pirate Lab products Rookie Playmats The Command Center

Dominaria Prerelease Vlog

Card KingdomVideo

Welcome home, Planeswalkers! We’ve finally arrived back on Dominaria, where Magic‘s storyline began. Here, you’ll find ancient scriptures telling of Dominaria‘s past, including the History of Benalia and the Antiquities War; unearth powerful artifacts like Blackblade Reforged; rejoin our old friends Teferi and Jaya Ballard and meet new ones like Slimefoot and Tiana. Magic players around the world got a …

Unstable Commander Livestream

Card KingdomCommander, Livestreams, Video

Last week, four Card Kingdom employees ventured into the unknown and played a truly unforgettable game of Commander. Un-Commander, that is! Representing four of Unstable‘s five factions, our players sleeved up some silver-bordered cards and battled it out to see which of Bablovia’s leaders would reign supreme. Crossbreed Labs Aaron, the CK Blog’s resident Commander expert, brought Dr. Julius Jumblemorph …