The Gauntlet 2023: Fables

Your Guide to The Gauntlet 2023: Fables

Chris Cornejo Events

The Gauntlet 2023: Fables is coming to you live from Bellevue Mox Boarding House on Sunday! This year’s competition will benefit Game to Grow, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the use of games of all kinds for therapeutic and educational purposes, as well as community growth.  This is the ninth Gauntlet event hosted by Gamers Engaged, a national non-profit. For …

The Game's Future, according to Magic 30

The Game’s Future, According to Magic 30

Jason Krell Events

Magic: the Gathering is a different game than it was 30 years ago. When it first released, no one could have predicted just how long it would last, how popular it would become and how much change was needed to reach those points. But if Magic is hoping to reach another 30 years and beyond, it will need to keep …

How Magic reached 30 years

How Magic reached 30 years

Jason Krell Events

A sea of Magic fans churned through The Expo at World Market Center, ebbing and flowing through the Magic 30 show floor like the tide. Thousands upon thousands came to Las Vegas for the vendors, artists and experiences of the event, all due to their love of the game. As they cracked packs, acquired merch and shuffled up to play …

Your Most Magic Moments

Card Kingdom Events

What is your most Magic moment? Is it a close win or a spectacular turn? Was it the feeling of good company, laughter and conversation among those across the table from you? We want to know what keeps you coming back to this community and the game we love. To celebrate the players who keep Magic going, and in honor …

Come Find Card Kingdom at Magic 30!

Card Kingdom Events

Magic 30, Wizards of the Coast’s celebration of Magic: The Gathering‘s 30th anniversary, takes place this weekend from Friday to Sunday — and Card Kingdom will be there to enjoy the festivities right there with you. We’re thrilled to be part of the Magic 30 celebration, and we want nothing more than to meet with the community and be a …

Arena Championship Issues: Assessing the Value of Alchemy

Mason Clark Alchemy, Events, Standard

This past weekend Wizards of the Coast held a huge tournament: the first Arena Championship. It featured some of the best players in the world — with names like Shōta Yasooka and Sam Rolph — who battled it out for $200,000 dollars in prizes. When looking at the event from the outside, it had everything needed to be a spectacle …

This Day in Magic History First World Championship

This Day in Magic History: The First World Championship (August 18th-20, 1994)

Jacob Lackner Events, Standard

Welcome back to another edition of “This Day in Magic History.” Today, we’re going to take a look at the most important event in the history of competitive Magic. On Aug. 18, 1994 the very first Magic World Championship began in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This was not only the first time someone could claim the title of Magic world champion, it was …

Magic 30

Everything to Know About Magic 30

Jason Krell Events

Magic: The Gathering is celebrating its 30th anniversary in Las Vegas this year, and Wizards of the Coast have given players a complete rundown of everything happening at the event before tickets sales go live on Aug. 11.  From special promo cards, to unique panels and the Magic World Championship XXVIII, there is something to do for every kind of …

What Should You Bring to Commandfest?

Tom Anderson Events

Commandfests are back, and preparation for a big day at a huge MTG event is essential. Tom lists must-have items to make the most of the day! How excellent is it, as Magic players, to once again find ourselves in the middle of Commandfest season?! Even if it might have been called something else last time you were here, the …