Banned and Restricted Update 2023

Banned and Restricted Update: August 2023

Mason ClarkLegacy, Modern, Pioneer

This week, Wizards of the Coast announced their last Banned and Restricted update before switching to a new, yearly cadence in October. But while conversation in the community was blowing up about targets for Modern and Pioneer, every possible option escaped the hammer. Instead, Wizards of the Coast actually unbanned two cards, one in Modern and one in Legacy. The …

Is Tempted by the Ring the New Initiative?

Is the Ring Tempts You the New Initiative?

Michael RappLegacy, Modern

The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth brings us the newest Magic mechanic “The Ring Tempts You.” Naturally, once players saw the ring tempts you in stages on a track that exists outside the game, comparisons to the Initiative mechanic started flowing.  Is being tempted by the ring going to be as format defining in Modern as taking the …

Planeswalkers changing for the better

Planeswalkers Changing for the Better

Tom AndersonCommander, Legacy, Strategy

With March of the Machine and its Aftermath now both revealed, 2023 looks very much like the end of an era for Magic’s Planeswalkers. Many were casualties of the struggle against Phyrexia, including some who lost their spark and were demoted to mere legendary creatures. But even the survivors can tell their role in the multiverse has changed. In fact, …

Top 20 Mana Rituals in Magic

Top 20 Mana Rituals in Magic

Tom AndersonCommander, Legacy, Modern, Standard

Mana rituals! These distinctive, potent and strategically narrow cards are most often used to accelerate the endgame of combo decks. Perhaps due to that dangerous power, new rituals have become something of a rare sight in recent sets, no longer something Wizards of the Coast’s design team feels needs to feature prominently in Magic. However, they are an elemental building …

Faerie Mastermind and the Pantheon of Invitational Cards

Faerie Mastermind and the Pantheon of Invitational Cards

Chris CornejoLegacy, Modern, Pioneer, Standard

With the recent sneak peek at March of the Machine, one particular card stood out a bit to me. All right, a lot of cards stood out for a lot of reasons, but Faerie Mastermind caught my eye because it’s an Invitational card.  Invitational cards have been a part of the game since near the dawn of Organized Play, and …

This Day in MTG History: Collectors' Edition

This Day in Magic History: Collectors’ Edition (Dec. 10, 1993)

Jacob LacknerLegacy, Products

Welcome to another edition of “This Day in Magic History!” Today, we’re going to take a look at the December 10, 1993 release of Collector’s Edition. This set contained every single card from Beta, but they featured a different card back and they were not tournament legal. This should sound very familiar to you as it bears a striking resemblance …

Fringe Format: 7-point highlander

Fringe Format: 7-Point Highlander

Tom AndersonCommander, Legacy

Despite the online grumbling, Eternal Magic is a lot of fun! With the widest pool of cards legal to play, you can sleeve up the idealized version of your favorite strategy from the game’s entire 30-year history and take on the world. Of course, while sitting down to play doesn’t always work out quite as advertised, the 7-Point Highlander format …