What IS Discover?!

Discover – MTG Mechanics Explained

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Discover can be thought of as a variant of Cascade, but where Cascade was linked to the card’s mana value and triggered when the card was cast, Discover will be written with a number next to it and can be triggered in multiple ways. But first, the basics. When you are told to Discover, you reveal cards from the top …

The Lost Caverns of Ixalan New Pioneer Cards You'll Want to Play

The Lost Caverns of Ixalan: New Pioneer Cards You’ll Want to Play

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The Lost Caverns of Ixalan is almost here, and today we are going to dive into how some of the more interesting cards to come out of preview season so far will play in the Pioneer format. Cavern of Souls One of the earliest previewed cards from The Lost Caverns of Ixalan, this reprint made players of blue/white control around …

What IS Time Travel?!

Time Travel – MTG Mechanics Explained

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Time Travel is a mechanic from the Doctor Who Universes Beyond Commander decks, and works with Time counters. When you Time Travel, for each permanent you control or each card Suspended in exile with a time counter on it that you own, you may add or remove a single time counter from that object. And that’s it! It’s like a …

Magic Resolutions for 2023

Magic Resolutions for 2023

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As the old year comes to a close, this is traditionally a time to look forward and figure out some resolutions for the new year. There are plenty of life resolutions to go around, but we’re here to talk about Magic. So here’s some Magic resolutions that all can feel free to apply as needed to themselves in 2023.  I …

The Brothers' War Commander Set Review

The Brother’s War: Commander Set Review

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It’s time to dig into The Brother’s War, a nostalgia-packed flashback to the struggles of Urza, Mishra and the Phyrexians. For older players it’s a treat, and newer players can finally experience a classic Magic story. But what does The Brothers’ War offer Commander players? BRO — and yes, that’s the set code — is a veritable smash hit for …

The Brothers' War Callback Cards

The Brothers’ War: Callback Cards

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The Brothers’ War previews are in full swing, and so far, the cards look like a blast to play. In a set designed to look at Magic’s past, it’s no wonder we’re seeing a lot of callbacks to characters and events from the old lore — often for the first time. But not everything we’re seeing in BRO takes its …

Warhammer 40k ten Cards for your Commander decks

Warhammer 40k: 10 Cards for your Commander Decks

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The new Warhammer 40k Commander decks are here, and for fans of the tabletop game, there’s an epic crossover to be found. For entrenched Magic players, though, there are also new cards to brew with. But what’s worth picking up? Let’s explore 10 cards worth checking out. TOXICRENE Toxicrene has one interesting design. Four mana for a 2/4 reach Deathtouch …

UNFINITY stickers in eternal formats

UNFINITY Spoilers Reveal Sticky Situation for Eternal Formats

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UNFINITY, like any Un-set, continues a 25-year tradition of having fun by stretching Magic to its limits as a game. However, Wizards of the Coast is breaking with tradition by making half the set playable in eternal formats like Legacy, Vintage and Commander, where tournaments sometimes take place. While adding more cards to these formats is usually cause for celebration, …