This day in MTG history Planechase

This Day In Magic History: Planechase (Sept. 4-6, 2009)

Jacob Lackner Design, Products

Welcome back to another edition of “This Day in Magic History.” Today, we’re going to look at the release of Planechase, which had its release events from Sept. 4-6, 2009. Planechase isn’t especially well-known these days, but it marked a number of important Magic firsts: it was the first supplemental set, the first set focused on multiplayer, the first set …

Legends Legacy Precon Upgrade guide

Legends’ Legacy Precon Upgrade Guide

Scott Cullen Commander, Products

Dominaria United is here, and it’s shaping up to be an epic set featuring countless legends, both new and returning. The main themes are legendary creatures and domain, and the preconstructed Commander decks releasing alongside the main set reflect these concepts. Today, I’ll be taking a look at the Legends’ Legacy precon — a deck that wants to leverage the …

Early Look: Double Masters 2022

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If you are looking for cards to power up your deck, new artwork for your favorite spells, or a premium draft experience, look no further than Double Masters 2022! Magic: The Gathering‘s next set arrives on July 8, 2022. We’ve already had a taste of what this set will bring, and more previews are on their way starting Thursday, June …

About the Academic – an Interview with the Professor

Tom Anderson Community, Products

When the Professor launched his first ever Kickstarter campaign last week, he was ready for a long, busy day monitoring progress and putting out fires. Instead, he found himself “watching a movie of someone else running a successful Kickstarter”, as his next-generation TCG deckbox attracted over $1 million in pledges in 12 hours!  With three weeks still to go in …

It’s All Academic: The Professor’s Deck Box Blockbuster

Card Kingdom Community, Products

If there was any doubt that Magic: The Gathering is more popular than ever, we have to look no further than the roaring success of The Academic. Less than 20 minutes after the launch of the Kickstarter, the project was fully funded. And as of writing this, 15,000 people have pledged more than $825,000. While this is a huge success for The Profession and Tolarian Community College, it is equally a success for the Magic community.

An Early Look at Streets of New Capenna

Tom Anderson Products

Big news in the multiverse! While the Magic community is still happily soaking in the glow of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, Wizards has put out the first release information and card spoilers for the second new Standard set of 2022: Streets of New Capenna!  Since this was just an early teaser, most of what Adam Styborski showed off on the Magic …

MTG Challenger Decks 2022

Tom Anderson Products, Standard

“A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES!” The journey of a new competitive player – or at least a player new to a particular format – is often hard in Magic compared to other games. Each incarnation of Standard has its own field of tier decks and leading cards to study up on, even if your grasp of the fundamentals is strong from …

A First Look at Kamigawa Neon Dynasty

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty: Early Previews and Info

Tom Anderson Community, Products

Editor’s Note, 2/18/22: Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is now available at Card Kingdom. Magic has taken its first bold steps into the cyberpunk genre, as Wizards of the Coast debuted a wealth of information on the upcoming Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty set. Mark Rosewater and Grace Fong used yesterday’s hour-long Weekly Magic stream to show off key artwork and explain how Kamigawa …