10 Ravnica Natives Least Likely to Murder You

10 Ravnica Natives Least Likely to Murder You

Kristen GregoryCommunity, Magic Story

Murders at Karlov Manor has set up a murder mystery on Ravnica. As the story unfolds, we edge ever closer to the truth. But who won’t make the suspect list? Which Ravnican citizens won’t be taken in for questioning? Here’s our picks of the Ravnican natives least likely to commit murder – and why.  10 RAVNICA NATIVES WHO OBVIOUSLY AREN’T …

What to Do When You're Burned Out on MTG

What to Do When You’re Burned Out on MTG

Kristen GregoryCommander, Community

We’ve all been there, with every hobby – the time comes when you just need to take a step back and disengage. At best it just isn’t scratching that itch for you; at worst, it’s making you miserable. What do you do when you’re burned out on Magic: the Gathering? WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU’RE BURNED OUT ON MAGIC …

The Jordan Aisaka Memorial Tournament

The Jordan Aisaka Memorial Tournament

Chris CornejoCommunity, Events, Livestreams

Last October, a light went out in the Magic community. Jordan Aisaka unexpectedly and suddenly passed away due to a brain aneurysm. The ripples of grief from this event were felt far and wide; while Jordan may have been a Seattle local, his love and enthusiasm for the game left an impact well outside his hometown. While Jordan did play …

5 Planeswalkers Who Finally Have a Home as Oathbreakers

Tom AndersonCommunity, Oathbreaker

With WotC’s surprise adoption of Oathbreaker last week, we’ve entered a boom time for experimentation and brewing in the Planeswalker-centric format. But what possible playstyles does the format offer – and how should you decide on your first deck to start figuring it out? The easiest thing to latch onto is the Oathbreakers themselves, the Planeswalker-commanders which go a long …

The 10 Best Alternate-Art Judge Foils in Magic

The 10 Best Alternate-Art Judge Foils in Magic

Chris CornejoCommunity

There’s been a proliferation of fancy new art treatments for cards recently, with alternate frames, different foiling processes and tons of booster fun. But there’s one promo that remains attainable only by acquiring enough dedication, knowledge and passion for the game to become part of the very fabric of playing Magic itself… or just getting one of those folks to …

All the volunteers helping MagiKids

Making Magic Happen for MagiKids

Jason KrellCommunity

Twenty Wizards of the Coast employees sat in an assembly line at Card Kingdom’s Ballard Campus, sorting cards and packing boxes for a few hours on a sunny Seattle afternoon. Some sorted commons from uncommons or separated out basic land cards. Others pulled card sleeves and deck boxes together for each of the 100 kits the volunteers constructed. In that …

Fringe Format – Dandân

Chris CornejoCommunity, Design

Some fringe formats thrive off individual expression, or playing the most powerful cards in Magic, or both. Anyway, here’s Chris with Dandân. Many fringe formats of Magic center around either a creature with evocative abilities and lore (Momir Vig) or a group of linked creatures so emblematic of an aspect of the game that they can’t be ignored (The Elder …

The meaning of Community in Magic

The Meaning of Community in Magic

Anna VolbrechtCommunity, Fundraiser

Magic has its fair share of luminaries — faces we all know and perspectives we all care about. We gather inspiration from Rhystic Studies videos and the musings of Mark Rosewater. We marvel at the plays of Pro Tour champions and crack packs alongside the LoadingReadyRun crew. These individuals help shape the Magic community and give us a place to …

MTG History: The Nalathni Dragon Controversy (July 15th, 1994)

Jacob LacknerCommunity

Nizzahon looks at a significant event on this day in MTG history. On July 15th, 1994, Nalathni Dragon stirred up some controversy! Hi everyone, and welcome back to another edition of “This Day in Magic History.” Most articles in this series look at fairly large events in Magic history, like the creation of a new format, the bannings of a …

Dominaria United Predictions

Tom AndersonCommunity, Design

We have a bit of a breather in the Magic release schedule…so time to look ahead! Tom gives us his best guesses for Dominaria United! I almost hesitated to pitch this article to my editors. For many months now, it’s felt like the community is nearly drowning in new cards. There’s regular mixups over whether spoiled cards are Standard or …