Forgotten Realms Commander Upgrade Guide: Dungeons of Death

Tom Anderson Commander

I’ve often said in my articles here that Commander is the perfect marriage between Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. So I’m very happy that with Magic finally getting an official D&D crossover set, WotC made sure to extend that experience into the game’s premier multiplayer format. The four precons available with Adventures in Forgotten Realms are each commanded …

Commander Kingdom Decklists: July 2021

Greta Carey Commander

This month on Commander Kingdom, we’ve got three guests that are coming strong with the shenanigans! Ellie of the Veil is a writer for Channel Fireball and part of the A Cause for Commander series. Princess Weekes is an assistant editor for The Mary Sue and can be seen on YouTube and PBS. Ben Wheeler is a Twitch streamer, part …

3 Unique Commanders that Deserve More Love

Scott Cullen Commander

Every commander is unique, and no two decks are alike. However, some legendary creatures see a lot more play than others; these are usually the face commanders of preconstructed decks, or the more obviously powerful choices in a particular archetype. When these decks make up a lot of the collective pool in Commander, some of the more interesting commanders don’t …

Looking for Inspiration? Play a Lower-Power Commander

Kristen Gregory Commander

Sometimes, it can start to feel like you’re playing the same game of Commander over and over again. The players in your playgroup haven’t refreshed their decks for a while, you’re wise to their tricks, and you’re stuck on what to try building next. If you’re lacking inspiration, then maybe it’s time to play some low-power Commander.  Decks Feeling Stale …

Precon Deck Upgrade Guide Planar Portal

Forgotten Realms Commander Upgrade Guide: Planar Portal

Scott Cullen Commander

Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is set to be a hugely impactful Commander product. Not only is there already a huge overlap between D&D and Magic players that are loving the flavor and themes of these preconstructed decks — they serve as an attractive stepping stone for D&D players to get into Magic. Today, I’ll be taking …

Precon Deck Upgrade Guide Aura of Courage

Forgotten Realms Commander Upgrade Guide: Aura of Courage

Kristen Gregory Commander

Voltron’s back with a brand new precon. Adventures in the Forgotten Realms’ Aura of Courage sees the first new Bant Voltron commander since 2018’s Tuvasa the Sunlit. Can Galea, Kindler of Hope kindle hope for us? Let’s find out in this precon review and upgrade guide.  GALEA, KINDLER OF HOPE First things first, let’s look at the commander. A 4/4 …

Budget Decks with AFR

3 Adventurous Commanders in Forgotten Realms

Scott Cullen Commander

With every new set come exciting new legendary creatures, and Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms doesn’t disappoint. The spread of different abilities and support for multiple archetypes is particularly impressive: there are some interesting twists on classic strategies like life gain, artifacts, and Dragons, as well as brand new strategies like dice rolling, dungeons, and giant space …

Best AFR Cards for Commander

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms: Commander Review

Kristen Gregory Commander

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms might be a relative power-down when it comes to Standard, but that doesn’t mean it lacks great Commander cards. Join Kristen as she goes over her favorite pickups from the set.  It’s already that time again — let’s review my favorite picks from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. If you didn’t catch my Modern Horizons …

Guardian of Faith

Guardian of Faith is the Vanguard of a Paradigm Shift

Kristen Gregory Commander

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is a set that’s bound to get Dungeons & Dragons fans excited. So far, there have been some really great flavor wins, and the D20 dice-rolling mechanic is a fun way to bridge the gap between D&D and Magic. As someone with only a passing interest in the D&D franchise, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms …