A Statement from Card Kingdom

A Statement from Card Kingdom

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Card Kingdom is aware of the Reddit thread discussing PTO and extra hours worked during releases. We understand this has brought up a lot of questions, and we want to provide you with information.

All of our employment policies adhere to our union contract with UFCW 3000. Employees voted this contract in on July 27th, 2023, and we continue to work closely with UFCW 3000 to ensure we remain aligned on all contract provisions.

Regarding the overtime concerns raised in the employee’s statement, we ask employees to work no more than ten hours in addition to their regular schedule. These hours can be spread over two weeks. These requests occur during busier times, including releases. During these occasions, we cap the weekly working hours at 50, and any hours worked beyond 40 receive overtime pay.

All employees receive three weeks of paid time off (PTO) during the first year of employment, increasing to three weeks and four days after the first year. We do require that PTO is applied to time off. This aligns with both our union contract and Washington labor laws. We also offer programs like FMLA and parental leave to support employees who require extended time away from work. Additionally, we have eight paid holidays throughout the year.

We’ve been planning our warehouse move for several years as we’ve outgrown our current space in Ballard. We negotiated this move with the union and gave them the opportunity to suggest alternatives. This March, we will move to a larger facility in Monroe, Washington. Ahead of the move, and after reaching an agreement with the union, we provided our employees with eight months’ notice so they could determine if the location change would work for them. We offered retention packages to our employees who elected to remain with us until the move and for those continuing with us to Monroe. We also provided severance to employees who elected to leave in September. Our close relationship with the union will continue after the move.

Card Kingdom offers many entry-level roles; turnover is expected as individuals seek new opportunities or transition to different roles within the company. To accommodate our business volume, we regularly hire and train new full-time employees and collaborate with temporary staffing agencies. We provide training to full-time and temporary employees and require editions testing so folks have a good understanding of the product they’re working with.

Warehouse work is demanding, and Card Kingdom remains committed to meeting the needs of our employees. We support our union and continue to work with them to ensure we offer a good working environment. We run a business staffed by incredible employees, and we aim to take good care of them so they can do the job of taking great care of our customers.