What IS Afterlife?!

Afterlife – MTG Mechanics Explained

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Afterlife is a triggered ability that appears on creatures, and triggers on those creatures’s death. It’s always written with a number after it (so, Afterlife N), and it means that when the creature with it dies, you create N 1/1 white and black Spirit creature tokens with flying.

And that’s…really it. Multiple instances of it on a single creature would stack, but there’s not really a way to do that in the game right now. It really is a simple one.

Afterlife was well enough received, as any mechanic that gives you value when your creature dies usually does. A little bit of insurance against board wipes is never a bad thing, and being able to restock the battlefield after a bunch of chump blocks always has a use. It is tied to Orzhov and Ravnica right now, but not so heavily that it couldn’t show up somewhere else sometime.

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