Azorius Week at Card Kingdom

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An announcement from Nhillosh, Deputy of Retail Efficiency:

Pursuant to Ravnican Code of Law Section XXXIV, Subsection VII, Subsubsection X, Paragraph 3, this announcement serves as formal notification that the Azorius Senate has taken control of Card Kingdom.

As duly appointed representative of the Azorius Senate, my intention is to improve efficiency at Card Kingdom. To this end, we have formed several new committees, subcommittees, and subsubcommittees to debate and implement new policies and procedures aimed at increasing productivity while maintaining an optimal customer experience.

Among changes to improve order processing efficiency, employee requests for fifteen-minute breaks must be submitted in triplicate to the Subcommittee for Employee Activities no later than three days before the requested break.

Thopters have been deployed to monitor workplace activities, as directed by the Subcommittee on Office Surveillance. All employee workspaces are now arranged alphabetically by given name to aid in navigation by the new thopters.

The Committee on Card Organization has decided that card inventory will now be sorted by collector number, then artist name, then color, then expansion, then card name. (Cards without collector numbers will be assigned collector numbers by the Subcommittee for Card Enumeration.)

The Subcommittee for Preorders has listed a number of new cards from Ravnica Allegiance for sale, including the new Azorius guildmaster Dovin, Grand Arbiter. In order to better measure the increased efficiency as a result of our new workplace regulations, the subcommittee formally requests that you order cards from Card Kingdom this week.

You may also wish to preorder booster boxes to practice drafting, as the Subcommittee on Limited Play is meeting this afternoon to discuss optimal drafting pod design and table organization.

Following that meeting, the Subcommittee on Rules Corner Cases is meeting to review the full Ravnica Allegiance set in preparation for the set’s formal release. In the meantime, please join us on Twitter to share your most complicated Magic rules interactions with the hashtag #CKRules.

Special thanks to Eric Williamson for contributing this post!