Battle Deck League Livestream

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Back in October, we ran a Battle Deck League for Card Kingdom employees, and the idea sparked plenty of conversations online. We expected that customers would want to know how they could run Battle Deck Leagues in their own communities, but there was one comment we heard a surprising number of times: “Why didn’t you livestream League games?” Truth be told, we didn’t anticipate such high demand for Battle Deck gameplay content, but we’re more than happy to oblige!

Our second employee Battle Deck League will be wrapping up this week, and this time, we’ll be celebrating its conclusion with a very special livestream! On Tuesday, February 6th at 7:00 PM PST, we’ll be broadcasting the semifinal and final League matches on our Twitch channel, featuring commentary from Jordan “RayFK” Hopkins and yours truly. We’ll also be hosting a live Q&A with Battle Deck designer Chris VanMeter, and giving away Card Kingdom swag to some lucky viewers. If you’re a Battle Deck buff, you won’t want to miss it!


Header image: Justin Treadway