Building a Cube with Double Masters

Bradley RoseCube, Limited

Double Masters is fun to draft because of the powerful cards you open, and many of these cards are popular in multiple formats, including cube.

So how are you adding these cards to your cube? If you haven’t built a cube before check out our article, How to Build a Cube. In this piece, we will go cover building a Double Masters cube.

I’ll be recommending cards that will extend the set’s Limited archetypes. My approach was to take one of every card in the set and add cards to expand the versatility of the cube The standard cube size is 360, and there are 338 unique cards in Double Masters, so plenty of room to get creative.

I present to you, 28 additional cards you can add to make a balanced and powerful 360-card Double Masters cube. I added a common, uncommon, and rare to every color. There are also a few cards at each rarity for artifacts and multicolor cards.

Let’s get to it, on the double!


Sensor Splicer

Sensor Splicer - MTG Card

Sensor Splicer complements the uncommon Master Splicer and rare Blade Splicer. Besides extending Golem tribal, Sensor Splicer supports the green-white “go wide” and white-blue “many artifacts” archetypes.

I’m serious about that Golem tribal support; there are more additions when we get to artifacts!


Versperlark - Magic: The Gathering Card

Vesperlark is another addition for the white-black “recursion” archetype. It’s also sneakily supportive of the red-white Equipment archetype!

Most of Double Masters’ 1-power creatures are in red and white. Some good ones to reanimate are Swiftblade Vindicator, Imperial Recruiter, and Stoneforge Mystic.

Teferi’s Protection

Teferi's Protection - Magic: The Gathering Card

Teferi’s Protection is as powerful a card to draft as Wrath of God. Fittingly, it’s a great answer in response to the famous board wipe. This is especially great for protecting the many permanents of the green-white and white-blue archetypes.

Also, this is an extra piece of secret tech that your Sunforger can fetch!


Depths of Desire

Depths of Desire: Magic: The Gathering Card

While Steel Sabotage has bounce covered for blue at common, it’s only for artifacts. Depths of Desire adds a creature bounce option to help stifle aggressive decks.

Depths of Desire allows white-blue to build up artifacts with the Treasure token. Creating the Treasure also triggers Glaze Fiend for the blue-black “artifacts entering the battlefield” archetype. Lastly, the extra mana helps green-blue ramp into big spells.

Efficient Construction

Efficient Construction - Magic: The Gathering Card

Both white-blue and blue-black archetypes want to play artifacts. Efficient Construction rewards this gameplay by… doubling down with even more artifacts! Any Equipment you cast will come with a free flier to equip. Cranial Plating becomes that much deadlier.

Spell Swindle

Spell Swindle - Magic: The Gathering Card

While Force of Will is at mythic rare, there’s no rare counterspell in Double Masters. Spell Swindle may be an expensive answer, but it’s a great fit for green-blue ramp. As with Depths of Desire, this also helps quickly building up a bunch of artifacts. Having a lot of Treasures suddenly causes a surprisingly large loss of life with Disciple of the Vault.

Where’s the support for blue-red? Stay tuned for the red cards!


Fortuitous Find

Fortuitous Find - Magic: The Gathering Card

Keen eyes will see that Fortuitous Find is the same thing as Remember the Fallen already in Double Masters. That’s right, twice the effect to support white-black.

However, the black-red archetype is also focused on sacrificing permanents. Fortuitous Find helps you to refuel after a couple of those sacrifices.


Goremand - Magic: The Gathering Card

Goremand helps instigate death for the black-green morbid archetype. Additionally, it gives representation for something missing in Double Masters: Demons! Okay, Skirsdag High Priest can create Demon tokens. But it doesn’t count for Kaalia of the Vast.

That’s right, up until now, Kaalia of the Vast’s ability couldn’t find Demons. Flipping into a Goremand with Kaalia is useful because you skip its sacrifice cost.

Taste of Death

Taste of Death - Magic: The Gathering Card

Toxic Deluge in Double Masters is generally a fine answer for board wipes for black. Taste of Death taking care of three creatures may be enough, but perhaps you don’t have enough life to take down a whole Blightsteel Colossus.

In any case, Bloodbriar and Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest both enjoy when you sacrifice any of your newly-created three Treasures.



Hijack - Magic: The Gathering Card

There are around fifteen cards in Double Masters asking for a sacrifice of an artifact or creature. There aren’t any Act of Treason effects in the set before adding Hijack.

Once you drop Hijack into the cube… Swords of Fire, Ice, etc. might be stolen and offered as a sacrifice to a Throne of Geth. Just saying.

Additionally, red-white Equipment decks can push aside an obstacle card that may hinder attacking. It can even augment the attack with the additional creature or stolen Cranial Plating.

Hoarding Dragon

Hoarding Dragon - Magic: THe Gathering Card

Blue-red is the “cheats artifacts onto the battlefield” archetype. This utilizes cards like Argivian Restoration and Trash for Treasure. There are also several tutor effects across red and blue to help you find those artifacts. However, the red search effects are only at rare or mythic while blue has Treasure Mage at uncommon.

My solution here was to add an uncommon Hoarding Dragon. This is a roundabout way of getting artifacts into your hand, but choosing Hoarding Dragon was important for another reason. Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund only has the common Rapacious Dragon and mythic Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon for Dragon support. Kaalia of the Vast also cares about Dragons. Adding Hoarding Dragon to the cube means upping the amount of support for these Dragon-caring legendaries.

Lastly, red-green likes getting a sizable flier for aggressive attacks. Besides artifact creatures, the largest flier across red and green was a 3/3 Rapacious Dragon.

Moltensteel Dragon

Moltensteel Dragon - Magic: The Gathering Card

The rare Moltensteel Dragon adds further support for Karrthus and Kaalia.

It’s also important that Moltensteel Dragon is an artifact. This helps blue-red have more support specific to their archetype. There are many blue artifacts, but Inkwell Leviathan is the only one worth sneaking onto the battlefield. Moltensteel Dragon adds a dedicated red artifact that feels sizable enough to be valuable.

A neat on-curve play opportunity is Treasure Mage to search for Moltensteel Dragon on turn three. On turn four, pay four life for the two Phyrexian mana symbols to cast the Dragon.

Red-green, again, enjoys aggressive creatures with evasion. The Phyrexian firebreathing can also help close out a game before an opponent can stabilize.


Tinder Wall

Tinder Wall - Magic: THe Gathering Card

Green is the overlap color for ramping between red-green and green-blue. Red-green wants big creatures, and green-blue wants to cast big spells. Tinder Wall helps you set up an early stall against small creatures. Then lets you cast those large spells early whenever you need to.

Tinder Wall also can conveniently trigger morbid for green-black decks on a whim.

Walker of the Grove

Walker of the Grove - Magic: The Gathering Card

There’s a tension for ramp decks where you need to ramp just enough to cast your big spells. Sometimes, you don’t get enough mana to do so. Enter the Walker of the Grove.

Walker of the Grove is a big size payoff but costs a prohibitive eight mana. This is worthwhile, as it provides bulky creature token insurance if Walker of the Grove is removed. However, evoke ensures your ability to use your mana efficiently. Both red-green and green-blue can appreciate the different points in the curve this fulfills.

As with Tinder Wall, evoking triggers a sacrifice and thus fulfills green-black morbid!

Roaring Slagwurm

Roaring Slagwurm - Magic: The Gathering Card

In most sets, tapping down artifacts isn’t impressive, but Double Masters has so many and it includes scary impressive artifact creatures. In fact, they’re so impressive they may be prohibitive to face with a green-white go-wide deck. Roaring Slagwurm may be your surprise effect that clears away that pesky Sundering Titan blocker for your attacks.

Roaring Slagwurm at rare also slots in nicely for curve options. There are no six drops, and Thragtusk at five only is a 5/3. The Slagwurm offers more bulk with 6/4, and the next-largest green sizes are at eight mana!


Golem Foundry

Golem Foundry - Magic: The Gathering Card

Remember white adding Sensor Splicer for Golem Tribal? Well, we’re not done yet. Golem Foundry gives you a way to keep churning out Golems for your Splicers. It also uses charge counters, which synergize with Coretapper, Vedalken Infuser, and Surge Node. Lastly, you may just want more artifact creatures for Tempered Steel and Master of Etherium.


Gingerbrute - Magic: The Gathering Card

You laugh, but Gingerbrute can be a pesky Golem to deal with. A good first-turn play for Golem tribal, it’s also an ace “unblockable” creature for red-white Equipment, and triggers morbid for black-green decks.

Meteor Golem

Meteor Golem - Magic: The Gathering Card

The final additional support card for Golem tribal, Meteor Golem, is great in Limited. It allows you to answer threats while upping your own threat level as an artifact creature deck.

Hedron Blade

Hedron Blade - Magic: The Gathering Card

There’s an uptick in the chances you’ll encounter colorless creatures in a set with so many artifact creatures. A lot of these creatures are huge, and Sundering Titans are tough to deal with.

That’s where the Hedron Blade comes into play. Adding more Equipment support for red-white, this can help deal with bulky artifact creatures.

Mask of Memory

Mask of Memory - Magic: The Gathering Card

Riddlesmith is one way to dump artifacts into your graveyard for the blue-red archetype. Mask of Memory is another way.

It’s also a different Equipment reward for red-white versus bulking up on power and toughness. Sometimes, you just need to sift through your library to find specific cards.

Retributive Wand

Retributive Wand - Magic: The Gathering Card

Black-red likes sacrificing creatures and artifacts to gain benefits. Retributive Wand adds some spice by being an artifact that likes to be sacrificed. The five damage it deals can be the final push to close out a game for aggressive sacrifice decks.

Kaldra Equipment

Helm of Kaldra - Magic: THe Gathering Card

Sword of Kaldra, Shield of Kaldra, and Helm of Kaldra. Back during the original Mirrodin block, it was a dream to draft all three of these. Difficult to do so across three sets of cards and one rare per pack. With Double Masters, you have a smaller card pool and double the rares. You’re much more likely to find the trifecta!

With the red-white Equipment theme, a Double Masters cube environment is the perfect time to summon Kaldra.

Darksteel Reactor

Darksteel Reactor - Magic: The Gathering Card

There are no alternate win conditions in Double Masters, so it’s nice to add one. The set has many cards that add charge counters. Darksteel Reactor gives you an end-goal when drafting those kinds of cards.

Here’s a handy combo from the original Mirrodin block you can do thanks to Dismantle resurfacing in Double MastersDismantle, lets you target your own Darksteel Reactor and “Destroy”. Of course, it won’t get destroyed due to it being indestructible. Then, double however many charge counters are on the card. This can give you a surprise win when you have just ten charge counters on Darksteel Reactor!


Se’Kuar Deathkeeper

Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper - Magic: The Gathering Card

Double Masters has two “clusters” of Limited archetypes. These are white-blue-black “artifacts” and black-red-green “sacrifice.” When reviewing the multicolor cards in Double Masters, there is greater support for white-blue-black. You have Sen Triplets at mythic and Sharuum the Hegemon at rare, but only Karrthus is available for black-green-red at mythic.

Sek’Kuar, Deathkeeper at rare adds more support for the black-red-green cluster. Sek’Kuar rewards your sacrifice effects and strategy with morbid triggers. The tokens it creates help with more sacrifice and dying effects, and it can assist by building up an endgame of attacking with aggressive creatures.

Nazahn, Revered Bladesmith

Nazahan, Revered Bladesmith - Magic: The Gathering Card

When examining the color combinations at mythic, there’s a bias in colors represented. White-blue-black have a lot of options while green-white stood out as being the most under-represented. Knock-knock, Nazahn, Revered Bladesmith is here.

While not a particularly devastating mythic, compared to Hammer of Nazahn, drafting both of these cards adds a fun Double Masters achievement. Hammer of Nazahn is a powerful Equipment, and adding a second virtual copy is useful.

While Nazahn caring about Equipment in green-white doesn’t match red-white, its high cost allows for a color splash. Nazahn helps clear the way for your equipped creatures to attack!

Speaking of playing red, green, and white…

Ghired, Conclave Exile

Ghired, Conclave Exile - Magic: The Gathering Card

Besides adding Nazahn, there isn’t any green-white go-wide support at mythic. Even then, Nazahn cares about Equipment.

Ghired complements Nazahn by adding another three-color option containing green-white at mythic. Populating Rhino tokens is a powerful late-game support for your overwhelming creature strategy.

Double Vision

Thanks so much for reading! You can check out the cube here on Cube Cobra.

If you have more ideas for awesome cards to add to a Double Masters cube, let me know on Twitter.

Until next time, maybe you one day summon a 9/9 first strike, trample, haste, indestructible Kaldra.