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Welcome back to the CK Blog! Today, we’ll be continuing our series on our Card Kingdom Affiliates by sharing some information on one of our longest-standing partners: LoadingReadyRun.

The LRR crew has been making funny videos on the internet since the pre-YouTube days, but most Magic players got to know them in 2012, when they began producing the “Friday Nights” series for Wizards of the Coast. They also have one of the best Magic origin stories we’ve ever heard: In 2009, several members of the crew received Magic 2010 Core Set sample decks in their PAX West swag bags and were hit with a wave of nostalgia for the game they’d played in their youth. It’s a feeling many Magic players can relate to, but it’s remarkable that such a small token could have such a profound and lasting effect on people’s lives.

Perhaps that’s why so many people love LoadingReadyRun: they’re down-to-earth, relatable people that you’d want in your Magic playgroup. They brew sweet Canadian Highlander decks, broadcast wacky stipulation drafts, and make up nicknames for more Magic cards than is often necessary. They see Magic as a game to be played for fun, and they are constantly finding innovative ways to share that game with their audience. Their paper Magic streams are top-notch (complete with card-recognition devices and clear overlays), and their quarterly Pre-Prerelease events have given fans of the game something new to look forward to with every set release.

You can watch LoadingReadyRun stream Magic on Twitch every Thursday afternoon at 2 PM Pacific, and you can find their weekly casual Magic podcast, TapTapConcede, on their YouTube channel. While you’re there, be sure to check out all the other amazing content they produce, including CheckPoint, a weekly show about gaming news; Feed Dump, a weekly show about weird news; and Crapshots, their hilarious 30-second sketches, which drop every Tuesday and Friday.

If you’d like to support LoadingReadyRun directly, you can become their patron on Patreon. And, of course, be sure to use the LoadingReadyRun affiliate code when you shop online at Card Kingdom, and leave a comment at checkout to let us know if you’d like one of their exclusive LRRMTG buttons!

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Header image: Justin Treadway
“LoadingReadyRun” logo used with permission