Card Kingdom CSV Import Tool


What if adding cards to your Card Kingdom sell cart took just a few seconds?

Introducing the Card Kingdom CSV Import Tool – now available for beta testing!

The CSV Import Tool was created for customers who are looking to sell large quantities of cards to us through our online buylist. Now, you can upload .csv files containing up to 500 line items and 5,000 individual cards. Within seconds, the tool will import the cards, determine which ones match our buylist, and deliver an appraisal of all the cards we can buy from you. You can add all the cards to your sell cart with the click of a button, or de-select any cards you don’t want to sell. Think of it as an express lane straight to your sell cart!

Here are a few tips and tricks for using the CSV Import Tool:

  • Your .csv file needs to contain the following information about the cards you’re selling:
    • Card Name
    • Edition
    • Foil/Nonfoil
    • Quantity
  • The tool may be unable to identify your cards if there are any mistakes in your .csv file, or if a card has multiple image matches. Once your file has been uploaded, the tool will prompt you to manually identify any cards it doesn’t recognize.
  • The CSV Import Tool will not import cards unless they’re on our buylist. If the quantity of a card in your .csv exceeds the quantity on our buylist, the tool will only import as many cards as are on the buylist.

Think you’ve found a bug with the CSV Import Tool? Fill out a bug report here, and our team will be on it right away!