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Editor’s note: Lumeria boxes sold out during our Holiday 2018 promotion, but perhaps the mystical city will one day return…

Last week, we launched our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide and debuted three brand-new Card Kingdom products. Today, we wanted to tell you more about one of those products – our Designer Draft.

What is Designer Draft?

Designer Draft is a custom draft format that we’ve created using existing Magic cards. Unlike the Starter Cube, which features just one of each card in the set, our Designer Draft captures the feel of a Magic booster draft. You never know what you’ll get when you open a pack!

Each bundle contains 24 sealed packs, and each pack follows standard Magic booster pack distribution rules:

10 Commons
3 Uncommons
1 Rare or Mythic Rare
1 Guildgate
1 Random Foil

Chances of getting a Mythic rare are 1:8 packs

Lumeria, the Infinite City

Card Kingdom’s Designer Draft was the brainchild of CK Blog contributor and amateur Magic designer Adam Klesh. Adam works in our Overstock department, which is responsible for producing all our in-house products. At the end of 2017, when the team gathered to pitch ideas for this year, Adam suggested that we develop our own draftable Magic set using existing cards. His idea caught the attention of Products Manager Chris VanMeter, and after months of testing, our first Designer Draft set is here!

Lumeria, the Infinite City features ten draft archetypes, each built around a color pair. The development team drew inspiration from classic Magic draft strategies while taking some creative liberties: “I wanted to make [archetypes] that players might not be familiar with,” Adam says. “For instance, the Green-Red theme is enchantments, which is usually in Green-White. We included the green and red Cartouches and Trials, but none of the other colors have them.”

To learn more about Lumeria’s archetypes, read this blog post that Adam wrote about them. The full visual spoiler is also available here.