Card Kingdom Excited to Support New Union Contract with UFCW 3000

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On July 27, 2023, Card Kingdom members of the UFCW 3000 Union voted “YES” to accept the proposed contract provided by Card Kingdom. 

Card Kingdom is incredibly excited to celebrate the signing of the contract, and the next step in our relationship with the UFCW 3000 Union and our employees. We greatly appreciate and respect the bargaining unit and UFCW 3000 reps who worked with us to create a contract we are all proud of, and that is mutually beneficial. We are honored to be a union shop and we hope to model a high standard for workplace expectations.

“We’ve very proud and excited by the results of our negotiations with UFCW 3000. This has been a productive and collaborative process from day one, and our approach has remained simple — honor the union process and employee voices while not trading our customer expectations and cultural foundations that make us who we are,” said Bob Woods, VP of Card Kingdom. “This Agreement is the embodiment of that balance and compromise. From market-defining inclusivity provisions to industry-leading wages, benefits and workplace experience programs, Card Kingdom was and remains a great place to work for all employees.”

Card Kingdom is looking forward to the future, and all the opportunities on the horizon as we move forward together. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at