Card Kingdom Presents: Magic for Her!

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Here at Card Kingdom, we know how hard it is to be a woman in the Magic community. Papercuts are no joke! Plus, have you ever held up your cards for five straight minutes while your opponent was comboing off? Super exhausting!

That’s why we’ve created a new product for all the ladies who want to draw cards, cast spells, and play games without any fuss. Introducing Magic for Her!

That’s right! Our market research indicated that women like pink things (we didn’t say it was good research), so we’ve taken five of our famous Card Kingdom Battle Decks and added some “feminine touches” to their packaging design. This will make cards easier to hold and lighter to the touch – it even prevents papercuts!* We haven’t changed anything about the decks themselves, since apparently women want to play Magic just like everyone else.

We’ve also created an entire Magic for Her store on, featuring some brand-new, limited-edition Card Kingdom playmats. Grab all the supplies you need, and you, too, can be the girl playing Magic that prompts everyone to say, “Whoa, a girl playing Magic!”

Magic for Her products will be available through March 31st, and 100% of the profits will benefit the Cybersmile Foundation, a non-profit organization leading the charge against online harassment. We appreciate all that they do to help create a friendlier gaming community, so help us raise $10,000 for their cause by buying those bundles and donating to our fundraising page.

If you think Magic for Her may be right for you or the woman in your life, check out our very informative and totally serious infomercial.

Is Magic for Her improving your life? Tweet at us using the hashtag #MagicForHer!


Is this a real product?
We prefer the term “real fake product.”

Does this product cost more than normal Battle Decks?
Of course not! Why should a product cost more just because it’s marketed to women? Who does that?

I want to use Magic for Her to teach my girlfriend to play Magic. Does it come with a rulebook?
No, but we’re sure other players will be able to explain the rules to her!

Do I have to be a woman to purchase Magic for Her?
Nope! Magic is for everyone!

*None of this is true. Please do not quote us on any of this.