Card Kingdom Sketch Pack

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It’s no secret that we LOVE to make custom tokens. Our Fulfillment Specialists take your requests and run with them to create some truly rad and memorable tokens. However, we get a ton of requests and there is only so much time in the day to fulfill them, so we wondered if it we could create a pre-packaged product that would satisfy our customers’ desire for unique, hand-drawn tokens. Earlier this year, we had an idea.

This past July, we asked the Card Kingdom community across our social media platforms to give us some ideas for tokens that we hadn’t printed yet. From those suggestions, we chose thirteen different token ideas and had our artists submit their renditions. Then, we put all the submissions up for voting and let the community take the wheel.

After 777 votes were tallied, we had our winning tokens (plus a few others that we liked) and went quiet for a couple of months. Behind the scenes, we got them printed and assembled, and now we can present the Card Kingdom Sketch Pack! This is your only chance to get these sixteen tokens, so don’t wait if they strike your fancy!

We’ve shown these off on Twitter, but here are all the tokens that you will receive in the Card Kingdom Sketch Pack!

Brian Hughes

Michael Plondaya

Makenna Cornwall

Mel Burris

Kaitlin Peterson

Marlena Cote

Ren Murphy