Card Kingdom Starter Cube

Card KingdomCube

Imagine if you could create your own custom set of cards to draft from. You could include all your old favorites from the time you started playing Magic, or the most powerful cards you have at your disposal. You could draft all your favorite archetypes – synergistic decks like Reanimator and Storm, blisteringly fast aggro decks, or midrange decks with all your favorite removal spells and creatures. And best of all, you could draft the set again and again with friends, whenever you want, and modify it as you find new cards you love.

This is the beauty of Cube.

Cube is a custom draft format that takes its name from its minimum requirement: 360 individual cards, or 45 cards each for eight drafters. It’s a longtime fan-favorite format, and Wizards’ Magic Online Cubes have been a staple of the program for years. Many of us here at Card Kingdom are Cube owners and enthusiasts ourselves, and we understand that the format has a high barrier to entry. Many of the most past Magic Online Cubes include powerful and hard-to-find cards, so where is a Cube neophyte to start?

Introducing the Card Kingdom Starter Cube: 360 cards to get you started on your journey to become a Cube master. The Starter Cube can be played right out of the box and comes with 35 of each basic land and enough Card Kingdom sleeves to cover it all. Check out the full list on CubeTutor!

The brains behind our Card Kingdom Starter Cube is Coby Do, who hails from our Overstock and Inventory Department (the folks who build our Battle Decks, Rookie Decks, and other custom products). Coby is quite the Cube connoisseur, and after years of building and drafting Cubes, he decided to bring his latest budget Cube idea to Card Kingdom.

“Building your first Cube can be a really daunting task if you don’t know where to start,” Coby says. “The Starter Cube allows players to build on a functional base, making it easier to decide how you would want to change it.”

Pick up a Starter Cube now, and share your impressions with us at @Card_Kingdom!