Commander Kingdom Decklists: April 2021

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Commander 2021 is here, and our Commander Kingdom competitors will be facing off with some of the new cards from the set!

Our next episode airs Wednesday, April 28th at 2 PM PDT, featuring special guests Benjamin Wheeler, Amazonian, and DJ of Jumbo Commander. Tune in on Twitch, and check out our players’ decklists below.

Ben’s Octavia, Living Thesis

Yup, you read that correctly: Wheeler’s deck only has eight basic Islands in it. That’s some strong commitment to the bit, but not to worry — his deck does have additional mana sources. We’re excited to see how quickly he can get eight spells into his graveyard!

Amazonian’s Lord Windgrace

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While you can usually find Amazonian playing MTG Arena, she’s no stranger to physical Magic cards. (She even makes clothing out of them!) In true Lord Windgrace fashion, her deck revolves around lands, but she has tons of strong standalone creatures that can swing the game in her favor.

DJ’s Gilanra & Ich-Tekik

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A partner commander strategy worked out really well for Gavin on our last episode, and DJ’s giving it a try this time. Though his deck is technically mono-green, DJ’s deck revolves around artifact synergies. Expect to see a lot of 3/3 Golem tokens on the battlefield, and maybe a massive Colossus or two.

Chris’s Esix, Fractal Bloom

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Finally, host Chris will be playing an upgraded version of the Quantum Quandrix deck from Commander 2021, focused on maximizing token synergies. He built this decklist with input from Card Kingdom’s Twitch chat — tune in to Crowdsource Commander on our Twitch channel and you can help Chris build his deck for next month’s Commander Kingdom!

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