Commander Kingdom Decklists: August 2021

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This week, we’ll be gathering our friends in the Magic community around the (Spell)table once again for Commander Kingdom. Benjamin Wheeler is back this month for the second leg of his three-episode run, and he’ll be showing off his new favorite deck. Joining him are Kristen Gregory and Jim LaPage of the Commander Advisory Group; you can find Kristen’s writing here at Card Kingdom, and Jim’s work is over at The Spike Feeders.

Watch a recording of their game below, and check out our guests’ decklists after the jump!

Ben’s Eutropia the Twice Favored

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Wheeler’s been showing off his high-flying Eutropia deck on a few streams recently. We’ll let him do the honors of explaining how it works:

Kristen’s Samut, Voice of Dissent

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Ever the Boros player, Kristen is aiming to smash her way to victory with this Samut deck. This deck packs quite a punch: Aurelia for extra combats, Etali for extra spells, and Blightsteel Colossus for a potential one-shot kill. There’s also plenty of recursion and card draw here, too, so don’t count Kristen and Samut out if the game goes long.

Jim’s Anax and Cymede

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Jim is also playing an aggressive red-white deck, but he’s taking it in a very different direction. His Anax and Cymede deck has a heavy enchantment theme, so he can load his commanders up with Auras and go to town. Keep an eye out for potent card advantage engines like Kor Spiritdancer, Esper Sentinel, and Sigil of the Empty Throne.

Chris’s Delina, Wild Mage

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Roll for a wild magic surge! Host Chris Cornejo rounds out our pod with his new Delina, Wild Mage deck. Chris built this deck with Twitch chat’s help on our monthly Crowdsource Commander stream; be sure to tune in next month to give your input on his next deck!

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