Commander Kingdom Decklists: July 2021

Greta CareyCommander

This month on Commander Kingdom, we’ve got three guests that are coming strong with the shenanigans! Ellie of the Veil is a writer for Channel Fireball and part of the A Cause for Commander series. Princess Weekes is an assistant editor for The Mary Sue and can be seen on YouTube and PBS. Ben Wheeler is a Twitch streamer, part of the LRR family, and starting a takeover of his slot, as he’ll be sticking around through September! These three have come ready to play, each with wildly different deck ideas that Chris is somewhat afraid to go against!

Watch a recording of their game below, and check out our guests’ decklists after the jump!

Ellie of the Veil’s Wort Spells

Ellie’s Wort, The Raidmother deck, answers the question – What deck should I play if I really like making small tokens but want to cast as many spells as I possibly can? With a bunch of ramp, small creatures, and token-making cards, this deck lets you cash in all those small bodies and mana with some big haymakers as finishers!

Princess Weekes’s Banana Hazelnut Midrange 86

Sometimes, you just want to play good old-fashioned midrange, high-value creatures, and spells that demand answers…if not immediately, then right quick. With Oloro providing a steady stream of value no matter what he is, Princess’s deck just keeps asking, “do you have it?” over and over again until, eventually, you don’t!

Ben Wheeler’s Nuts and Bolts

Leave it to Wheeler to build a Chatterfang deck and purposefully not make Squirrel Tribal. No, Wheeler has gone thematic, instead of focusing on the horde of stuff that Chattfang would acquire, with all sorts of artifact tokens just piling up, turn after turn, until they can become the fuel for an avalanche of value that just grinds you to dust!

Chris’s One Person’s Trash…

Chris’s deck has one simple goal – amass enough money to drown your opponents, Scrooge-McDuck diving-into-the-coin-vault style. Prosper likes making treasures, and Chris has assembled cards that like using those treasures to kill your opponents, either directly through damage and life loss or in more sneaky ways.

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