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Commander and Booster Draft might just be the two most popular formats in Magic. But what if you could play both at the same time?

Commander Legends is an upcoming set that will allow you to draft a Commander deck and play with friends. The set releases on November 6, 2020; until then, we’ll be updating this post with all the latest product info and spoilers. Let’s get started!

How to Draft Commander Legends

Commander isn’t like other Magic formats, and Commander Legends draft isn’t like a normal draft.

For one thing, Commander Legends Draft Boosters contain 20 cards instead of the usual fifteen. Each pack contains two legends and a foil.

Keen-eyed Magic fans have identified this character as Jeska, a Planeswalker from Dominaria.

You’ll need three booster packs to draft Commander Legends, just as you would in a normal Booster Draft. However, during the draft, you’ll make TWO picks from each pack. (This may seem familiar to anyone who’s drafted Battlebond.)

Over the course of the draft, you’ll choose a commander and draft a 60-card deck that matches your commander’s color identity. To make this easier on players, Commander Legends includes several mono-colored “partner” legends that you can pick up throughout the draft. (We’ll cover some of them in the “Spoilers” section below.) Additionally, the “singleton” rule of Commander doesn’t apply here: you can include multiple copies of cards in your deck.

From there, things play out much like they do in Commander: you’ll play a multiplayer game where all players start at 40 life, and commander damage and other rules are in full effect. Product architect Gavin Verhey has suggested drafting Commander Legends in a group of eight and splitting up into two four-player pods to play your games.

Commander Legends Products

While Commander Legends was designed to be drafted, that could be challenging if social distancing measures are still in place in November. Of course, you could pick up a box and squirrel it away to enjoy in the After-Times, but there are still plenty of other ways to enjoy this set.

Collector Boosters

Commander Legends Collector Booster

If you’re looking for cool, new alternate-art cards for your Commander deck, you can pick up some Commander Legends Collector Boosters! These packs include extended-art versions of Commander staples at all rarities, as well as legends with a brand-new type of foil treatment. Gavin Verhey was kind enough to preview the new “etched” foil treatment on his YouTube channel:

Preview of the Commander Legends “etched” foil treatment on Gavin’s YouTube channel, Good Morning Magic.

Commander Decks

Commander Legends will also include two preconstructed Commander decks that are playable right out of the box. Each deck contains three cards that you won’t find in booster packs of Commander Legends. Wizards has stated that these decks will have goodies for new and enfranchised players alike, and we can’t wait to see what’s inside.


Finally, here are the most exciting preview cards we’ve seen for Commander Legends so far. All these cards will be legal in Commander once they’re released; they’ll also be legal in Legacy and Vintage, and commons will be legal in Pauper.

Sengir, the Dark Baron

Sengir, the Dark Baron

Many of Magic‘s most iconic characters will get new cards in Commander Legends, including Baron Sengir! Sengir, the Dark Baron is one of 41 mono-colored legends with the partner mechanic in the set.

Halana and Alena

Halana and Alena were two of the most memorable characters in the Shadows Over Innistrad storyline, and they finally receive their own cards in Commander Legends! Crucially, they both have the partner ability, so they can join forces with each other (or with any other legend you draft).

The Prismatic Piper

Prismatic Piper

The Prismatic Piper is Magic‘s first common legendary creature, so you can finally build that Pauper Commander deck!

Keeper of the Accord

Keeper of the Accord

If your Commander deck cares about tokens (or soldiers, specifically), Keeper of the Accord will be a great addition.

Prossh, Skyraider of Kher


Prossh was first introduced in Commander 2013, and the popular creature-sacrifice commander will return in Commander Legends.

New Nonbasic Lands

Finally, Commander Legends will complete the cycle of multiplayer-focused lands introduced in Battlebond. We’re sure the crowd is going to go wild for these!

Coming Soon!

You can preorder Commander Legends from Card Kingdom starting in early October. Until then, follow us on Twitter for all the latest Commander Legends news!