Constellation Draft Bundles

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A Chaos Draft is always a treat for a Limited playgroup, but choosing the right packs can be tricky. How will old vanilla creatures match up against their newer, more aggressive counterparts? Will the set mechanics mesh or clash? Should you even bother to pick up a pack from an artifact block?

We created Draft Bundles to provide players with a Chaos Draft experience without the hassle of picking your own packs. If you want total chaos, you can pick up our aptly-named Total Chaos Draft Bundle. If you ever wondered how the original Ravnica block might play with RTR, we have a bundle for that, too. And if your favorite card type is Enchantment-Aura… well, today’s your lucky day!

Our new Constellation Draft Bundles contain the following booster packs:

5 Theros
5 Born of the Gods
5 Journey into Nyx
5 M14 Core Set
2 Urza’s Destiny
2 Rise of the Eldrazi

Pick one up for $134.99, and have an enchanted evening!

Photo and header design credits: Chris Rowlands
Header art: “Starfield of Nyx” by Tyler Jacobson