What IS Convert?!

Convert – MTG Mechanics Explained

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All right, this is tricky. Ready? Convert is exactly the same as Transform. Exactly, in every way.

This is purely a cosmetic change for trademark reasons. On all packaging and written material, Hasbro (who owns both Transformers and Magic) calls the act of a Transformer changing its form “converting” so as not to confuse the act with the brand name. So, when Universes Beyond added Transformers to the Magic lineup, the Transform mechanic was simply renamed accordingly for those cards.

All of the same rules caveats and notes that apply to Transform apply here, with the added note that anything that refers to transforming in Magic will apply to Convert as well.

Technically, Convert is still showing up in Magic all the time on double-faced cards, it’s just called Transform. The only time it’ll show again in this way is if more Transformers cards ever get made. So, maybe someday!

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