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Each summer, Magic: The Gathering releases a new Core Set to provide an easy entry point for new and returning players. Core Sets are full of reprints of old favorite cards — perhaps even some you might remember if you played years ago. Their draft environments strike a balance between simplicity and complexity, providing a good first experience and plenty of replay value. And for the last several years, Core Sets have introduced new cards into Standard, Pauper, even Modern and Commander!

Core Set 2021 is available at today. If you’re still not sure which cards to buy, check out some of the highlights from the set below.


Want to catch up with the latest Core Set 2021 previews? Here are the most exciting cards we’ve seen so far.

Teferi, Master of Time

Core Set 2021 is all about Teferi, and his new card doesn’t disappoint. Teferi, Master of Time lives up to his name with a static ability that allows you to activate loyalty abilities on opponents’ turns! This Planeswalker truly breaks the mold.

You might also notice a keyword that’s become rare on Magic cards: “phasing out.” If you’re looking for more info on how phasing works, check out this article we wrote about it in 2017.

Liliana, Waker of the Dead

Liliana returns in Core Set 2021 with a suite of useful new abilities. Destroying creatures and forcing opponents to discard cards are solidly in Liliana’s wheelhouse, but Waker of the Dead will force any creatures in the graveyard to turn on your opponents.

Ugin, The Spirit Dragon

Core Set 2021 is full of powerful reprints, including Ugin, The Spirit Dragon! This card was a powerful finisher for control decks during its time in Standard, and it still sees play in Modern Tron variants. Players of several formats, competitive and casual alike, will be very excited to see more of these cards in circulation.

Azusa, Lost But Seeking

Azusa, Lost But Seeking is another highly sought-after reprint. Azusa is a key ingredient in Modern Amulet Titan decks, as well as green ramp decks in Commander. If you’ve been seeking Azusa for a while, now’s your chance to add her to your collection.

Baneslayer Angel

Here’s another reprint that many longtime Magic fans will be happy to see! Few creatures boast as many combat abilities as Baneslayer, and we can’t wait to see how she fares in Standard.

Containment Priest

Containment Priest was first printed in Commander 2014 and hasn’t been available in Standard — or Modern, for that matter. Modern Humans decks will be happy to have this creature, as will some Pioneer strategies.

Sparkhunter Masticore

In addition to reprints, Core Set 2021 also has plenty of brand-new creatures to try out. And in a world where Planeswalkers reign, Sparkhunter Masticore presents some interesting possibilities.

Chromatic Orrery

This next colorless card is perfect for Commander fans — or anyone looking for a brewing challenge. Chromatic Orrery has a hefty seven-mana cost, but this repeatable source of card-draw may prove valuable in drawn-out Commander games.

Pack Leader

Creatures with the “hound” type are now officially dogs, and this good dog is here to lead the pack. If you’re looking to build a tribal dogs deck, Pack Leader is a must-have.

Elder Gargaroth

This big beast hopes to follow in Questing Beast‘s footsteps; unfortunately, haste is a major factor in Questy B‘s success. Keep an eye on Elder Gargaroth, though — once Teferi, Time Raveler rotates out of Standard in the fall, it may have potential.

Massacre Wurm

This reprint is sure to delight Commander players and fans of black-based control decks. Massacre Wurm reenters Standard after an eight-year hiatus, and it’ll be fun to see what havoc it can wreak.

Basri Ket

Before Core Set 2021 previews began, Mark Rosewater alluded to a new Planeswalker from a familiar plane. The plane was Amonkhet, and the new Planeswalker is Basri Ket. White aggro strategies have been on the downswing in Magic for some time, but this “army in a can” Planeswalker may provide a much-needed boost.

Solemn Simulacrum

Another Commander favorite, Solemn Simulacrum, is back in Core Set 2021. This creature is useful for any deck looking to get ahead on mana — and you don’t even have to play green!


Of course, if you are playing a green ramp deck, you may want to consider Cultivate. This Commander staple is back in Core Set 2021 and will be joining Standard and Pioneer this summer.

Chandra, Heart of Fire

Chandra cards have been seeing play in several formats recently, and we’re curious to see how Chandra, Heart of Flame will fare. While her ultimate ability comes at a steep cost, it can effectively win the game on the spot.

Read our article about Core Set 2021‘s Planeswalkers to see our ideas for playing Chandra in Legacy!

Enemy-Colored Temples

The five enemy-colored Temples will be reprinted in Core Set 2021, which means they’ll remain in Standard when Core Set 2020 leaves the format this fall. If you still haven’t picked up these essential lands for Standard, now’s the time!

Fabled Passage

Speaking of nonbasic lands, Fabled Passage will also be getting a reprint in Core Set 2021. This land has become a staple in Standard and beyond, so we highly recommend having four in your collection.

Card Kingdom Preview Card: Grasp of Darkness

Good news for Limited players and fans of two-mana removal spells: Grasp of Darkness returns to Standard at common! Special thanks to Wizards of the Coast for giving us this free preview card from Core Set 2021.

Garruk, Unleashed

Everyone’s favorite hunter, Garruk Wildspeaker, has a new card in Core Set 2021, and it’s perfect for an aggressive green deck. Try Garruk, Unleashed in Standard, Brawl, or Historic.

Terror of the Peaks

Thundermaw Hellkite. Stormbreath Dragon. Glorybringer. Five-mana red dragons have quite a pedigree, and Terror of the Peaks is one of the most exciting mythics we’ve seen in this set so far. This dragon may not attack as quickly as its predecessors, but it punishes any opponents who dare to defend themselves against it.

Glorious Anthem

Ever wondered why cards that increase all creatures’ power and toughness are called “anthems”? The term refers to Glorious Anthem — a staple card in go-wide creature strategies. This card hasn’t been reprinted since Tenth Edition, and it’s a welcome addition to Standard and Pioneer.

Scavenging Ooze

Here’s another reprint that plenty of Magic players have been talking about. Scavenging Ooze has been a role-player in Modern decks like Jund, and it saw play in a previous Standard environment that included reanimation strategies. In the current metagame, it can exile Uro and prevent Elspeth Conquers Death from finding valid targets. Green decks are already popular in Standard, so expect Scavenging Ooze to make plenty of appearances.

Radha, Heart of Keld

This fan-favorite character returns in Core Set 2021 on a brand-new card. Like Oracle of Mul Daya and Courser of Kruphix, Radha allows you to play lands from the top of your library, but you don’t have to reveal them to your opponents! Expect to see Radha in the Brawler’s Guildhall and around the Commander table.

Sanctum of All

Shrines are back in Core Set 2021! If you’ve enjoyed playing with this card type from Kamigawa, you’ll need to check out all six of the new shrines. The Hondens are legal in Historic, and these new shrines will fit an enchantment-control strategy nicely.

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