Dethrone – MTG Keywords Explained

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Dethrone is a creature mechanic that triggers when a creature with it attacks the player who has the most life in the game, or is tied for having the most life. When they do, the creature gets a +1/+1 counter.
And yeah. Pretty simple stuff here. There’s a few notes, but nothing too tricky.

  • You have to attack a player for Dethrone to trigger, attacking a planeswalker controlled by the player with the most life won’t trigger it.
  • Once dethrone has triggered with the creature attacking the highest life total among players, the creature will still get the +1/+1 counter even if that player loses enough life to no longer have the most in game before the counter is placed.
  • In Two-Headed Giant games, life totals go by which team is being attacked.
  • Multiple instances of Dethrone do stack.

Like I said, pretty simple! Dethrone is a very effective multiplayer mechanic that encourages combat and life total swings. It’s a little limited in where and when it can appear for fullest effect. But it’s a clean design that was fairly popular, so it’ll pop up again sometime!

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