What IS Doctor's Companion?!

Doctor’s Companion – MTG Mechanics Explained

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Doctor’s Companion is from the Doctor Who Universes Beyond Commander Decks, and is a very Commander-centric mechanic. Appearing on select Legendary creatures, if one of them is your Commander, Doctor’s Companion allows you to have two Commanders as long as the other creature is the Doctor. Each iteration of the Doctor has Doctor on their type line, as well as in their name, so it should be fairly apparent what your choices are there.

And that’s really it. There’s much more to it that needs talking about. Working like a very, very specific version of partner, Doctor’s Companion lets you mix and match Doctors and Companions in some wild combinations…at least, wild if you follow the story of the Doctor Who. Magic players are pretty used to teaming up Vampires with Dinosaurs, soldiers with frog monsters, and homunculi with very angry cyclopses, so this is just a normal Tuesday kind of thing for us.


Given how specific this is, it’s highly unlikely that this ever shows up in a non-Doctor Who set. But there’s nothing to say there couldn’t be another one of those down the line, and that’s where Doctor’s Companion will have another chance to shine.

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