Dominaria Prerelease Vlog

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Welcome home, Planeswalkers!

We’ve finally arrived back on Dominaria, where Magic‘s storyline began. Here, you’ll find ancient scriptures telling of Dominaria‘s past, including the History of Benalia and the Antiquities War; unearth powerful artifacts like Blackblade Reforged; rejoin our old friends Teferi and Jaya Ballard and meet new ones like Slimefoot and Tiana.

Magic players around the world got a first glimpse of Dominaria at last weekend’s Prerelease, and their excitement was palpable. We got to experience the fanfare ourselves at our local game store, Mox Boarding House, and our friend Sam Tang helped us capture the Magic on film. Will Marshall crew the Weatherlight with Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain? Will Andrew destroy his opponents’ lands with Fall of the Thran? Watch our Prerelease Vlog above and find out!

Dominaria Release Day is tomorrow, so don’t forget to preorder all your favorites from!