Double Masters 2022 Preview Cards

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It’s preview season for Double Masters 2022! Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast, we have a couple of free preview cards to show off! Or, if you want to see them in a slightly more silly way, head over to our TikTok.

We have two cards from the new set for you today, one that’s probably a little more Limited focused and one that’s a solid include in casual and mid-level Commander decks.

First up, we have a nice mana rock for Limited and even maybe some casual multicolor Commander decks, it’s Firemind Vessel!

Maybe not the flashiest mana rock ever printed, Firemind Vessel assures that you can cast your big multicolor haymaker spells late in the game, giving you nice bump up on total available mana as well as handling any splash you may have in your deck.

Speaking of multicolor cards, we have another card to show off that definitely rewards you for picking two specific colors…in this case, Green and Black. It’s Creakwood Liege!

Rewarding you for sticking to Black and Green creatures, Creakwood Liege not only pumps up your army, but helps it grow each turn with a Worm token! Showing up with both a standard and a showcase frame, there’s now more options for blinging out your favorite Golgari Commander deck.

Double Masters 2022 is already on presale at, where you can pick up these and any other single cards you may want, as well as booster packs, boxes and more!