Early Look: Double Masters 2022

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If you are looking for cards to power up your deck, new artwork for your favorite spells, or a premium draft experience, look no further than Double Masters 2022! Magic: The Gathering‘s next set arrives on July 8, 2022.

We’ve already had a taste of what this set will bring, and more previews are on their way starting Thursday, June 16th—so here is everything we know already!

Legendaries, Mythics, and Rares

Double Masters 2022 is a set filled to the brim with some of Magic‘s most powerful, most excited, and most beloved cards. Featuring new art, foil-etched treatments, and multiple rares and/or mythics, this set is a great way to bling out your decks.

So far, we’ve only seen a handful of cards, but we are already excited:

Wrenn and Six is a value powerhouse across many of Magic’s formats. Kozilek, Butcher of Trust strikes fear into any opponent. And Liliana is always a welcome face.

Premium Drafting

Like its predecessor—Double Masters—this set is designed as a premium draft experience. These sets tend to have unique drafting archetypes, and you’ll have a wealth of cards to choose from.


Each Draft Booster comes with 16 cards, two of which are guaranteed to be rare and/or mythic. In addition, you’ll find two traditional foil cards in each pack. This means there’s a double dose of excitement for your draft.

In addition, Double Masters 2022 has Collector Booster Packs, which come with 15 Magic cards and one double-sided foil token. Each Collector Booster will come with six borderless cards, one foil-etched card, and 10-11 traditional foils. You also have a chance for a textured foil!

Boosters Boxes

You can get these booster packs in Double Masters 2022 Booster Boxes. Draft Booster Boxes comes with 24 packs fo Draft Boosters, and the Collector Booster Box comes with 4 packs of Collector boosters.

Key Dates

  • Card Kingdom Preorder Begins: June 10
  • Previews Begin: June 16
  • Card Image Gallery Complete: June 24
  • WPN Premium Preview Events: July 1–7
  • Worldwide Release: July 8

Card Kingdom’s preorders begin in just a few days. We’ll have Sealed product ready to go when the preorder starts, with Singles available soon after the start of Previews.

We can’t wait to see what this set holds—it’s going to be epic. Doubly so!