Gifts for New Magic: The Gathering Players

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If you’ve just started playing Magic: The Gathering, making your first purchase can be daunting. You have tens of thousands of cards at your fingertips every time you shop online – which can make for some difficult decisions. When you aren’t sure what kinds of cards or decks you like yet, how can you decide what to purchase?

Thankfully, there’s no better time of year to shop for Magic cards – even if you’re new! We’re making it easy here at Card Kingdom with our guide for new players. If you’re shopping for yourself or giving the gift of Magic to a friend this holiday, we have some recommendations for you.

Rookie Decks

Rookie Decks are the ideal first purchase for a new Magic player. These 60-card decks contain cards of a single color and focus on a single game mechanic to ease players into Magic. Individual decks are $6.99 and make great stocking-stuffers; sets of 5 are also available for $29.99.

Rookie Playmats

Our Rookie Playmats are also ideal for anyone finding their footing with Magic: The Gathering. These playmats feature demarcated zones so you can stay organized and keep track of all your cards during your next game. There’s also a handy “parts of the turn” guide printed on the playmat, so you’ll never forget an upkeep trigger again!

Rookie Playmats come in two versions, so you can choose to keep your library and graveyard on the right or on the left.

Throne of Eldraine Booster Boxes

If you’re building a collection, there’s no better place to start than with the newest Magic set! Throne of Eldraine features powerful cards and gorgeous high-fantasy art inspired by classic fairytales and Arthurian legends. Pick up a booster box and see which cards you can collect!

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Throne of Eldraine Theme Boosters

If you prefer to play with specific colors in Magic, try some Throne of Eldraine Theme Boosters. These 35-card packs include cards of a single color from the Throne of Eldraine set, including one rare of mythic rare. Throne of Eldraine Theme Boosters are available as individual packs or as sets of 5.

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Seasonal Items

Finally, we have a few seasonal items that players of all levels might enjoy.

Naughty & Nice Bundles

Naughty & Nice Bundles include accessories that new Magic players need to get ready for battle. Each bundle features a playmat, foil tokens, and a 20-sided spindown die, plus a decorative enamel pin and candy! Whether you were naughty or nice this year, you deserve some new gear this holiday season.

Lumeria: The Great Divide (SOLD OUT)

For new players looking to learn how to draft, we highly recommend our custom Magic set, Lumeria: The Great Divide! Lumeria compiles existing cards from throughout Magic’s history in a unique draft environment.

Looking for more Card Kingdom holiday gifts? Check out our guide for experienced Magic players here, and head to for all your holiday shopping needs!