How to Sell Your Collection


[NOTE: Our Collections department has been quite successful – so successful that they’ve got quite a queue built up! For the moment, we’re pausing the intake of new collections while our team catches up. We’ll update here once Collections are open again. Cheers!]

Sometimes, you want to sell cards to Card Kingdom, but looking over the mountains of cards you have, it seems too daunting a task. Rather than spending the time going through each card and seeing if it’s on our buylist, you can package everything up and send it to our Collections department.

Or maybe you’ve got some booster boxes or Commander decks taking up space. Or a bunch of non-English cards, or artist-signed cards, or anything Magic-related that isn’t on our buylist. Collections will handle all of that.

For example – normally, we don’t take altered-art cards…but when the original artist puts a few embellishments on a piece of Power, that’ll catch our attention.

We also normally don’t take cards that are below Good condition. But it’s hard to ignore iconic cards, even if they have seen better days.

And if you picked up a nifty piece of swag from an event, but just don’t have the room for it anymore, we can help you out there, too.

If you have questions about whether we will buy your items, let us know about it when you contact us!

How To Sell Cards with Collections

So, you have some cards you’d like to sell. How does the process work?

First, reach out to our Collections team at Let us know about how big your collection is, and if it contains any unique items – professionally-graded cards, unusual promo items, uncut sheets., etc. We’ll then provide you with several shipping options so you can send your collection our way.

Next, pack up your cards and ship them to us. The key here is to make sure the cards you’re selling are secure; the less space there is for them to move around, the less likely it is that they’ll get damaged on the way. Packing material, newspaper – anything you can use to cushion excess space inside of boxes is highly recommended. Also, consider weatherproofing as much as possible – sealable kitchen bags inside of card boxes work well, as does cling wrap and the like.

Once we receive your order, it goes into a 24-hour quarantine. After that, we’ll crack it open and go through each card or item you have sent. For items we do not normally list on the site, we will use whatever resources we can to determine a fair price: eBay, MTGMarket, and any historical data we can dig up. We will then make you an offer, and you can choose to receive payment via check, Paypal, or store credit. If you decide not to accept our offer, no problem – we’ll ship your cards back to you on us.

Whether you need to clear up space, pay some bills, or just want to turn your old cards into new cards, Collections is another tool we offer to help you do exactly that.