Ikoria Ability Counters

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Keyword abilities have existed since Magic: The Gathering‘s inception. If you’ve played the game enough, you’re likely familiar with terms like “trample,” “lifelink,” and “deathtouch.”

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths introduced a new twist on the keyword abilities we know and love. While creatures in Magic still have keyword abilities natively, they can also gain those abilities via ability counters. Like +1/+1 counters, ability counters remain on a creature unless an effect removes them.

Online platforms like Magic Arena add ability counters to your creatures, but they’re a bit harder to represent in tabletop Magic. Those dice you normally use to put +1/+1 counters on your creatures don’t quite get the job done here!

We wanted to do our part here at Card Kingdom to help you have the most fun while playing tabletop Magic with Ikoria. So we’ve created our very own ability counters sheet!

The ability counters sheet is free to download as a PDF here. You can also check out all nine ability counter designs below (and a +1/+1 counter for good measure):

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