What IS Jump-Start

Jump-Start – MTG Mechanics Explained

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Jump-Start appears on instants and sorceries, and functions from the graveyard. When a card with it is in your graveyard, you may cast that spell by paying its mana cost and discarding a card from your hand as an additional cost. You still have to follow any normal timing restrictions on the card. If you do cast a card using its Jump-Start ability, then once it leaves the stack for any reason, it is exiled instead of being put anywhere else.

So yeah, very flashback-y, with the added cost of a card from your hand to do so. Not too many notes, but here’s what we have:

  • If you may cast spells for an alternative cost (say, with Fist of Suns), you may use that alternative cost to Jump-Start a spell, but still have to discard.
  • If a card with discard is put into your graveyard and you have priority, your opponents won’t have a chance to remove that card from your graveyard before you can cast it (assuming no timing restrictions, of course). Once you start to cast it, it’s on the stack, and no longer in the graveyard to be removed.

Jump-Start was well-received, and while similar to flashback played differently enough with the additional discard cost to feel distinct. Being an Izzet Guild mechanic, it’s flavorfully tied to Ravnica, but wouldn’t be impossible to see pop up elsewhere in a pinch.

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