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Do you find building Magic: The Gathering decks to be challenging or time-consuming? Do you ever wish you could just open a pack of cards and play?

Check out Jumpstart, a brand-new Magic: The Gathering play experience, available now!

What is Jumpstart?

Jumpstart is a new Magic: The Gathering variant that makes it easier than ever before to open some packs and play.

Jumpstart packs contain 20 cards that are thematically related. If the booster box art is any indication, we can expect some wily goblins and some very good doggos.

To play a game, just open two packs, shuffle the cards together, and get to it!

There are 121 different configurations of cards available in Jumpstart, so you never know what you’ll get in your next pack.

Why Try Jumpstart?

Jumpstart is a great on-ramp to Magic for players of other tabletop games. The concept is most similar to the game Keyforge — where players compete with randomized decks — but players of other deck-building games may also enjoy the challenge of learning new cards on the fly.

If you’ve played some Magic but are still fairly new, Jumpstart packs can provide a good starting point for a new deck. And if you’re a returning player getting back into the game after some time away, Jumpstart can help you play a few refresher games and get the hang of Magic again.

Of course, there’s something for every Magic player in Jumpstart, including those who love to build their own decks. Jumpstart includes 37 new cards, and it features tons of reprints — according to Wizards, there will be almost 500! Each Jumpstart pack also comes with a basic land that matches the pack’s theme, many of which contain all-new art — so if you’ve been searching for the perfect basic lands for your decks, you may be in luck!

Jumpstart singles and a restock of Jumpstart packs are coming soon on CardKingdom.com. Be sure to follow us on social media for the latest news!