Krenko’s Way: D&D on Ravnica

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We’re all about Magic: The Gathering here at Card Kingdom, but many members of our staff love other games as well. On November 29th, we hosted a Dungeons & Dragons one-shot stream set on the plane of Ravnica, using an adventure from the new Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica.

In this session, four members of the Card Kingdom team band together to search for the goblin mob boss, Krenko. Let’s meet the cast!

Aric (Mox Boarding House Seattle): Etan, an overzealous Minotaur from the Boros Legion. He’s headstrong, and he has a head strong enough to break down doors.

Dee (Mox Boarding House Purchasing): Ana, a gregarious Selesnyan Loxodon. Her hobbies include masonry, collecting rocks, and cooking with kale.

Hallie (Card Kingdom Marketing): Hallia, an aloof but overachieving Vedalken from the Azorius Senate. She’s slow to trust her companions, but is eager to catch Krenko.

Simon (Mox Boarding House Seattle): Crixiclav, an unlucky goblin from the Izzet League. Though fearful by nature, Crixiclav is willing to risk anything to help the team.

Stefan (Mox Boarding House Seattle): Our DM for the session.

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