Local Game Show #1 – A Magic: The Gathering Stream from Card Kingdom

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Last night, we premiered Local Game Show – our love letter to Magic: The Gathering and party games – on our Twitch channel. Hosts Sam Tang and TJ Rogers tested our special guests’ knowledge of Magic trivia and kept them on their toes through 90 minutes of gameplay. Watch the video above to find out who can name the most cards from Core Set 2019, who’s the biggest MTG art aficionado, and which Planeswalker would make the best road trip companion.

Thanks to our four special guests – Gaby Spartz, Cedric Phillips, Ashlen Rose, and The Professor – for joining us for the first episode. We’d also like to thank The Loregoyfs for fact-checking our trivia questions, Wizards of the Coast for hosting our stream and donating prizes, and our amazing moderator team for keeping our chat community engaged.

And, of course, thank YOU for watching! If you have any feedback on Local Game Show or would like to see more of the show, please tweet at us and let us know!