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Core Set 2021 may be the most exciting core set we’ve ever seen. It’s packed to the gills with reprints for some of Magic’s most popular formats, as well as brand-new cards that are making a splash in Standard and beyond. With release day behind us, we set out to determine which cards our customers preordered the most, and we’re proud to present that data to you. Here are the top ten Core Set 2021 cards that our customers preordered by volume.

10) Teferi, Master of Time (Borderless)

It makes sense that the face of Core Set 2021 would make it onto this list. Teferi, Master of Time has become a sought-after card among control players, and it’s seen a bit of play in both Standard and Pioneer. Card Kingdom customers had nine distinct versions of Teferi, Master of Time to choose from, and most gravitated to the borderless version with art by Chris Rallis.

9) Grim Tutor (Borderless)

Collectors have been big fans of the borderless variant cards in Core Set 2021, including Grim Tutor. This release marked the first time Grim Tutor was ever reprinted, much to Commander players’ excitement. Just don’t look at that art for too long, or it’ll sear itself into your mind.

8) Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon (known to his friends as “Eugene”) is one of the most powerful Planeswalker cards ever printed. Over the years, Ugin has reset the board in many Commander games and earned plenty of W’s for Modern Tron. Now, he joins Standard, Brawl, and Historic – formats full of ramp spells that will help ensure he hits the board early and often. Given his cross-format appeal, it’s not surprising that old Eugene has made his way into so many players’ collections this summer.

7) Grim Tutor

Magic players really like tutors, huh? The new Grim Tutor reprint has been so sought-after that both versions of the card made it onto this list. Hope you find something good with it!

6) Terror of the Peaks

Terror of the Peaks is truly a scary sight to see on the other side of the battlefield. While its base stats alone are impressive, this dragon deals even more damage with some help from its friends. We’ve already seen players combine Terror of the Peaks with Uro and Genesis Ultimatum in Standard, and we’ve only scratched the surface of what this card is capable of.

5) Fiery Emancipation

Red enchantments are some of the most polarizing cards in Magic, but plenty of players wanted to take the Fiery Emancipation Challenge. This beast of an enchantment triples damage to permanents and players, making it a slam-dunk in most mono-red Commander decks.  

4) Elder Gargaroth

Green decks have an unprecedented amount of card advantage these days, and Elder Gargaroth has only given them more. Each time you attack with this creature, you can accumulate the resources you need to cross the finish line or claw your way back into a game. Gargaroth is one of the best creatures in M21 draft, and we expect to see a lot of it in Brawl and Commander.

3) Heroic Intervention

What do you do when you need to save your green creatures from a board wipe? Call for a Heroic Intervention, of course! This Aether Revolt reprint is a Commander staple, but it also has all the hallmarks of a good sideboard card.

2) Fabled Passage

Fabled Passage may have had its first printing just last fall, but it’s become a go-to mana-fixer from Standard to Pioneer. Its cross-format appeal nearly propelled it to the top of this list, but it’ll have to settle for second place.

1) Azusa, Lost but Seeking

If you’re wondering which card our customers bought the most, look no further than Azusa, Lost but Seeking. Azusa has helped put Amulet Titan decks at the top of the heap in Modern, but she sees plenty of play in Commander, too. Azusa is just one of many tools that decks have to ramp in Standard, Historic, and Pioneer – and with the right payoff cards, she can be unstoppable.

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